How Do Phidgets Work?

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How Do Phidgets Work?

Phidgets are a collection of specialty circuit boards manufactured by Phidgets, Inc. These task-specific boards are designed to work seamlessly together in a network environment, and are backed by a suite of software that enables Roastmaster to read and use the information they gather for Data Logging.

Operating on your WiFi network, Phidgets offer a versatile and scalable wireless solution for monitoring and logging temperatures while you roast in Roastmaster.


Since iOS devices do not have USB ports, a Phidget Temperature Sensor (with one or more attached J or K thermocouples) is connected to a network “host”. This host sends temperature readings to Roastmaster via your WiFi network.

What Can I use as a Host?

You can use any desktop, laptop or compact computer to host a Phidget Temperature Sensor on your WiFi network. As long as it is capable of running the Phidgets Network Server software, and has USB and wireless capabilities, it can be used as a host for Roastmaster. Common setups are:

A Laptop

A Mac or PC laptop with available USB port and a wireless capabilities is a cost-effective solution for a Phidget host. It is not the most convenient solution, however, since the laptop must be powered on and sitting near the roaster while you roast.

Phidgets SBC

Phidgets, Inc. manufactures a SBC (Single Board Computer) with a web management interface that is tailored to serving as a network host for their sensor hardware. This miniature computer runs Debian GNU/Linux and is easy to configure and maintain. This solution is the most convenient and efficient, since it can be mounted near the roaster and requires very little maintenance.

DIY Hardware

For enterprising DIY enthusiasts, any other hardware capable of running the Phidget Server Software can be used as well, e.g. RaspberryPi.

Transmitting Temperature Readings

Once you’ve selected a host, all you need to do is download the Phidget Software Library and install it on your host. Once installed, you simply activate the Phidget Network Server (WebService on older versions). This will make the attached Phidget visible to Roastmaster on your WiFi network.

If both the host and Roastmaster are joined to the same WiFi network, and you firewall is allowing the Phidget traffic to participate on your network, Roastmaster can use the Phidgets attached to your host to monitor temperatures and log data.

See Setting Up Phidgets for instructions on how to get a Phidgets host configured on your network.

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