RBP – Roastmaster Bluetooth Protocol

968x601 RBP

RBP – Roastmaster Bluetooth Protocol

Documentation coming soon.

  1. John sanders
    John sandersMar 28, 2018

    hi Danny
    Hope you are good. John sanders here checking in on the new ways to hook up the probes to the system. Do you offer a package for this and does it read typeJ grounded Tc

  2. Danny Hall
    Danny HallMar 29, 2018

    Hey John – great to hear from you!

    I am currently working on Bluetooth LE hardware that will support K and J types – as well as other means of input. Things are going very well in development – can’t wait to get that released. It will offer out-of-the-box direct, reliable connections. Until then, RBP is only a Do-It-Yourself solution for custom hardware.

    So…not yet, but close!

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