ThermaQ Blue

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ThermaQ Blue

The ThermaQ Blue is an improved model of the trustworthy and battle-tested BlueTherm Duo.

Like its predecessor, The ThermaQ Blue is a convenient and easy to use solution for home and specialty roasters alike.

It has been improved with a slightly smaller size, and utilizes the Bluetooth Low Energy protocol for continuous, direct communication with Roastmaster. It is powered by 1 AA battery, boasts a 4000 hour battery life, and supports up to 2 K type thermocouples.

In order to use the ThermaQ Blue with Roastmaster, you’ll need:
  1. ThermaQ Blue (Available internationally from ThermoWorks)
  2. 1 or 2 K Style thermocouples
  3. Roastmaster Data Logging Option

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