Using Label Templates

968x601 Label Template

Using Label Templates

You can customize label templates for use with Roastmaster.

The Custom Label Starer Kit contains 8 XML templates, labeled 1 through 8, each designed for a label sheet containing between 1 and 8 labels, as well as a PDF describing how to edit the values.

You can edit these files in any standard text editor, just make sure the resulting saved file has an”.xml” extension. If you need more than 8 labels per sheet, simply copy and paste a new  block for each extra label on the sheet.

To customize the label, replace each instance of “MyValue” with whatever value is applicable. You can refer to the PDF “Roastmaster XML Label Structure.pdf” for a description of what each value means, as well as a graphical sample template to give you an overall picture of how these should correlate to a real-world label sheet.

Note: all measurements should be entered in Imperial inches.

When you’re finished creating your custom template, you can import it directly into Roastmaster from anywhere on your iOS device – the two easiest ways are to upload it to your DropBox account, or email it to yourself. Navigate to the file on your iOS device, tap the icon and choose “Open in Roastmaster”. Roastmaster will present its import screen. Once imported, the new label description file will be available for immediate use.

Download the Custom Label Starer Kit

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