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Title: A Question/Idea
Post by: dhudspith on March 05, 2012, 05:17:13 PM
Hi Danny (and other readers),

First of all, I love the latest version of Roastmaster.  I now have an easy way to see the curves that the Behmor 1600 has built in.  I love being able to backup my database to Dropbox.

From a usage/design perspective, would it be possible to have the app select the Behmor curve automatically?   I mean, as a user, I already select the Roaster/Profile/Program before I start the roast. 

Just a thought.

Title: Re: A Question/Idea
Post by: Danny Hall on March 06, 2012, 01:46:11 AM
Hi Dave

Glad you're liking it!

I agree - the only reason I didn't try to make that part automatic, is that there are users in most every country using roastmaster with languages that range from Portuguese to Mandarin Chinese, and people can name their profiles and programs anything. For instance, mine are named "P1", "P2", etc, but that doesn't guarantee that everyone does. In short, I have no reliable way of matching which profile is "P2" when it may be called "Profile 2" or "Perfil 2" etc. And since Behmor curves also rely on the weight setting, it gets even more complex, so I left that part manual for now, planning to revisit it.

During development, though, that was on my mind, and I left the code open to allow for the possibly doing that at a later time. It would be a preference setting - an "opt in once" for automatic Behmor curves, because a lot of folks don't care to track that much detail. If you opt in, and your roaster, profile and weight settings are named something Roastmaster can decipher, Roastmaster could pop a curve in once all three of these are set, or swap one out if you change your mind, without you having to do it manually. I agree - it would be a much better user experience. That same thing grates on me as well. (I roast with a Behmor and a Quest) so I'm pretty sure I'll make that happen at some point.

Thanks for the feedback!!

Title: Re: A Question/Idea
Post by: dhudspith on March 06, 2012, 03:15:18 AM
Thanks Danny. Keep up the awesome work.

- Dave
Title: Re: A Question/Idea
Post by: michelroberge on May 18, 2012, 06:42:50 PM
Hi Danny,

Also a Behmor user. What about adding a functionality to "assign curve to roaster"? The user could then select the roaster, profile and program (Behmor, P1, A, for example) - or whatever they want.

Next time I pick the Behmor as a roaster, I'll be able to pick the profile / program combination.

Would that work?


Title: Re: A Question/Idea
Post by: Danny Hall on May 20, 2012, 05:19:43 PM
In Roastmaster, curves are properties of either a Profile, Program or Roast.

You can do what you're asking, if you find yourself only using a few certain combinations. Once you've used a curve in a roast, just copy and paste it into a new Profile. Maybe call it "P1,D,1.0" or something similar. Then, whenever you roast with that profile, it will populate the roast automatically. One advantage to that workflow is you don't really ever need to worry about setting the program and weight setting in the roast if you don't want to. As long as the graph is set to match "curves", it will always be showing the right data.

One caveat: Profile and program snapshots do NOT YET work with behmor curves. I will have that added in the next update. If you create a profile with a custom Behmor curve, and use it in more than 1 roast, it will not warn you, as it should when you attempt to time-shift it, that you'll need to make a snapshot because that curve is already used in other roasts.

This was an oversight on my part in testing. I designed it so that this workflow was possible near the end of development, but I forgot to go back add the checks in for time shifts. Sorry - that's on my bug list for next update.