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Title: iOS 15 for iPad
Post by: chuck roaster on October 18, 2021, 08:42:03 PM
Danny, can we take this upgrade without worry to Roastmaster?
Title: Re: iOS 15 for iPad
Post by: Danny Hall on October 22, 2021, 03:00:15 PM
Hi Chuck

I'll be doing some more formal, in-depth testing over the coming weeks with the 14 build running on 15. However, I've been running it on iOS 15 without issue since the update was released. Beyond that, I haven't had any users contact me with problems.

I'd feel safe applying the update.
Title: Re: iOS 15 for iPad
Post by: chuck roaster on October 22, 2021, 09:11:30 PM
Faaaannnnnnnnntastic!!!   Thanks so much.

I went snooping around Rainfrog also, wondering if you have posted more explanation your amazing new features.  I knew that was coming, but wasn't sure if it was up yet or if I just lost here.
Title: Re: iOS 15 for iPad
Post by: Danny Hall on October 26, 2021, 06:23:00 PM
It's been a blur since February. I'm embarrassed to admit that every month or so, as I'm planning and working on Roastmaster for iOS 15, it hits me that I never added the feature list for 14 to the website after release. When it does, I promise myself I'll do it later in the week, and then forget again for another month.

I will still get to the that - hopefully with a more formal explanation for each item than the internal punch-list that I kept. But, for is the Roastmaster for iOS 14 "What's New" list.

   •   iOS 14 support
   •   Dark Mode support
   •   Pull to Dismiss gesture support
   •   Reimagined interface–designed to be cleaner, lighter and more informative
   •   iOS Shortcuts integration with Siri support enables you to build complex workflows to automatically retrieve and process data from your Roastmaster database, whether Roastmaster is running or not
   •   Data logging overhaul with massive under-the-hood improvements to reduce processing power and preserver battery life
   •   New Universal Scales support for Curves let you profile with readings or controls other than just temperature…such as humidity, pressure, Agtron and more.
   •   Control curves now support Automatic Data Logging, just like Reading Curves
   •   Complete and expanded RBP 2.0 Protocol
   •   Native support for the upcoming RoastLink Pro Bluetooth LE hardware
   •   Probes are now stored in the database, and travel with it
   •   List views now support multiple item export
   •   Reimagined Roast Console and Roast Analyzer–both with a cleaner, lighter and brighter look–revamped to removed distractions, and focus on important information to speed your workflow
   •   Dedicated event browser in the Roast Analyzer shows both upcoming and completed events, and their statuses at a glance
   •   Improved color chooser with dark mode preview
   •   Smarter curve rendering engine, that adaptively lightens and darkens colors to fit the current interface mode, for a better viewing experience in both light and dark environments
   •   Dedicated console graph settings chooser and settings view
   •   Brand new sounds and improved sounds engine. Non-essential sounds are now fully controlled by the device volume buttons, while alarms play at the full system alert volume.
   •   Informative roast degree icons show the relative darkness of a roast at a glance, and are displayed in completed roasts in place of the start/stop button
   •   Long tap the start button in the roast console after a roast has finished to quickly choose a roast degree
   •   New Restock Inventory Report shows you which beans need to be reordered based on the Inventory Warning Threshold of each bean
   •   New Event types for Development time and percentage, and Pyrolysis time and percentage–all supporting auto-trigger
   •   Support for Phidgets Wireless VINT Hub removes reliance on expensive SBC units
   •   Full time editing for recent roasted, blended and cupped items
   •   Improved iconography and colors based on a maximally perceptually-distinct color palette aid in navigation
   •   Bug fixes
Title: Re: iOS 15 for iPad
Post by: chuck roaster on October 26, 2021, 07:02:02 PM
You rock, Danny.    You do.

Immma gonna have to send more roast to you.
Title: Re: iOS 15 for iPad
Post by: Danny Hall on October 26, 2021, 07:12:17 PM