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Title: ERROR 1001
Post by: ginny on May 21, 2012, 09:57:47 PM
OK Dan, how do I deal with this error. I read what to do but am not sure how to do it so I simply dumped the app off iTunes and went back and reinstalled it...

thoughts please.

it happened again earlier today, new software, all new input and I believe it has something to with an open/closed database.

not sure I even know what I mean.

ginny, thanks in advance. ;D
Title: Re: ERROR 1001
Post by: Danny Hall on May 22, 2012, 12:59:48 AM
Sorry you've had problems.

That error occurs because Roastmaster has lost the "pointer" to the database file. It should not ever happen, so it's a bit baffling. One user reported it happening to him once, but I've not heard of it since. I saw it once on my test unit a couple of years ago, but that instance ended up being a Core Data bug that was cleared with a restart.

If I know why it's occurring, I can tell you how to avoid it. Once the "pointer" is lost, that error will happen every time Roastmaster tries to save data, but nothing will be saved.

Can you tell me what you were doing right before the error happened? The only place where I can imagine something could go wrong would be in the creation, deletion, renaming or switching of a database. What had you been editing before the error popped up?

If it's easier to talk through it, give me a ring on the number in yesterday's email. I'll be up til 11 EST.

Title: Re: ERROR 1001
Post by: ginny on May 22, 2012, 01:55:50 PM
Hi Danny:

I knew it was because he "link" was lost but could not figure out how to change any files within the system.

So I dumped everything again yesterday. Totally removed all files for roastmaster from iPad, iPod and my MacBook Pro.

ran virus and cleaned up all junk flles which I do all day long anyway.

I had saved my bean inventory and that was all I really cared about holding onto in the long run.

I have reinstalled, set up inventory again and since late last night have not had any problems.

I am pretty sure it happened because i was testing the limits of Roastmaster and doing things most would not do.

All is well in the High Desert.

Thanks for your reply and I will let yu know if it happens again.



thanks for coming to visit us, all were delighted and surprised.
Title: Re: ERROR 1001
Post by: Danny Hall on May 23, 2012, 12:39:29 AM
Good. I'll be back soon!!!

Please do let me know if it happens again. Wherever the bug lies, I can prevent it if I just knew under what circumstances it occurred. I've been through the code, but can't see any logic problems.

If anyone encounters this, the error should be able to be resolved with a restart of Roastmaster. I can't be sure since it's sporadic, but quit Roastmaster by pressing the home button, then quitting it from the background tasks by double-tapping the home button. Then tap and hold the Roastmaster icon in the bottom row until the red "x" appears, and tap the "x" to completely flush it from memory. Restart Roastmaster and the error should be gone.

Please let me know if anyone encounters this. It's hard for me to unearth errors like this because I know how the code works, so I instinctively avoid no-nos. If there are any in the app that I haven't put safeguards around, I can easily fix them once I know about them.