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Title: Clone a bean?
Post by: on January 31, 2013, 05:57:09 PM
I was wondering if there's a way to clone a bean in the inventory so that you could easily add a new shipment of the same bean. I realize that I could easily edit the existing bean and just change the inventory weight to account for the new beans, but I'd rather keep the individual bags (shippments) separate.

In the notes section I track 'bad beans' by weighing the bad ones and keeping a running tally of the weight of 'clean beans' vs 'bad beans.' This way at the end of a bag I know the overall % of bad beans which could determine weather I order that one again.

Because of this bad bean tracking, I really don't want to combine shippments of the same item. A Clone bean function would be great. That was I could just clone very existing bean and edit for any minor differences (arrival date, new price per lb., etc).

Thanks and by the way I LOVE this app. It's become the single most useful tool (aside from the roaster itself). I couldn't/wouldn't roast without it. If I could have given it 10 stars in the App Store I would have.

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Title: Re: Clone a bean?
Post by: Danny Hall on February 01, 2013, 01:45:44 AM
Hi Dave

Thanks for the kind words and support - I appreciate that!!!

Ya know, it occurred to me a year or so ago, that shop roasters would probably love to be able to track batches. I tossed it around for awhile, and thought it might work similar to how blend, profile and program snapshots work. First and foremost there would need to be a shipment date field, then each batch you receive could become a "child" of the parent - with each child selectable in a roast, and counting toward the parent's inventory. That would be a nice way to track the age of beans as well - beyond just identifying the quality of a particular batch.

That's probably a larger task than I will attempt for the next update, plus I try to go by popularity of requested features. So, in the interim I may tackle the "clone bean" feature first. Someone prompted me for the clone roast feature, and once I dove in, it took about 30 minutes to implement - winning the award for quickest feature implementation. :)

Thanks for the suggestion - I like it!

Title: Re: Clone a bean?
Post by: on February 01, 2013, 09:28:38 PM
Hey Danny,
I like the parent / child idea but the clone bean would be a great start and would save me some time.

When is the next update due to be released? Can't wait! Need beta testers?
Title: Re: Clone a bean?
Post by: Danny Hall on February 02, 2013, 05:04:12 PM
I'm working on it now. I want to get J-type thermocouple support out for the data loggers. Also plan to put in the clone bean feature.

I still have to test the J-type thermocouple hardware, but I don't have any big features planned for this update. Just fixes. It certainly won't be as long as the last update when I was getting data logging implemented. As happy as I am with the outcome, I'm equally glad that work is behind me. :)