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Wish List / Access to Profiles
« on: December 22, 2017, 12:55:42 AM »
OK last one -

I would love to be able to get to my profiles list directly without having to select the roaster first.  I never touch my roaster information, but have to mess with the profiles every session as I am updating details.  I only have one roaster, but even if I were running multiple, I would think it easier to go to profiles for the last roaster used and switch roasters from there when I needed to.

Thanks again Danny! 

Wish List / Find my Probes function
« on: December 22, 2017, 12:51:14 AM »
Hello again -

It would be nice to be able to manually trigger RM to look for probes - I have.  My probe stability problems have been cured, but I still have to go through gyrations to get the initial connections established.  It would be nice to be able to trigger RM to find them so I don't have to reboot my ipad - I suspect there's probably a way I can trigger that without creating a new feature.  I set up a router in my roasting space and I haven't yet found a reliable sequence for getting my ipad on that network, getting the probes on it, creating my preheat roast and having RM find the probes.  It was working in that order for a while, but now I have to restart my iPAD or power cycle the phidget or unplup the SBC wifi adapter in some random sequence before I get the probes online. 

Wish List / Configure HUD data
« on: December 22, 2017, 12:41:35 AM »
Hey Danny -

Merry Christmas to you!  I would like to request the ability to lock data points to the HUD - basically, I always want to see my BT and ET probes and not have them disappear when I select another curve during the roast.

Wish List / Set point alert timing
« on: September 23, 2015, 03:57:32 AM »
Hey Danny,

Still learning and enjoying Roastmaster!  I was looking for a way to get the set point alerts to pop up a few seconds early so I can see what the planned setting is supposed to be - could be interesting if you are adding the ability to set controls based on curve readings, but for time based controls it would be an alert that says Set Gas to 3.5 in 5 seconds and then count down from 5 to 0.  Anyway, hope you are well and if you are in need of beta testers and I can help, I would love to.

Wish List / Probe offsets
« on: September 13, 2014, 04:23:23 AM »
I have a couple ideas about probe offsets I want to run by you -

1) I am finding that while my roaster allows for a pretty wide range of loads - so far from 250g to 1.5kg - my probe gets a little different mix of beans and air at the different loads so my readings are different for First Crack start/stop etc.  I am trying to set up profiles for the various load sizes and it would be nice to be able to define multiple probes for the same Phidget port based on the load profile and give them different offsets so that the bean temps would read closer to the same temps.

2) I see that Artisan allows the offset to be described in a formula - wondering if that might allow for an offset formula that is proportional to the reading temp so that it could adjust across the temperature range - This was not my idea, it came up on a Home-Barista forum post and I thought you might want to consider it.

You are getting a fair amount of exposure on Home-Barista's Roast and Learn threads by the way :-)

Wish List / Start time offset and sampling timestamps
« on: August 24, 2014, 11:07:05 PM »
Hey Danny -

I was watching a video on profiling where another app was being used and it allowed the start of data logging prior to the actual charge time and still kept the actual roast time as t= 0.  so the data began tracking at -3 minutes for  example, allowing you to capture the preheat ramp and then at the point the charge is loaded the time is set to 0 and the roast profile is tracked accordingly. 
I would probably like to be able to do this by going in after the roast is started, probably while it is in progress, and note the charge time - that way I could start data logging, load the charge when the temp is right without having to worry about roastmaster at that instant, then come back and load the charge time so the remaining timestamps are based on charge time not the start of datalogging.  I hope that makes sense -

The other feature this application had was a way to quickly note an event on the timeline - in the demo it was used to flag times at which cupping samples were pulled during the roast - i got the impression it was a single keystroke that the operator hit at the start of the sample.  I created a control curve with a value of 12 and can use that to add nodes of values below 12 to capture the sample points, but it might be cool to have a more elegant way to do this and to be able to add cupping notes regarding the sample points.

Are there other ways you would recommend to accomplish these things in Roastmaster?

Anyway, I really like Roastmaster and am about as excited about being able to use it as I am roasting with my new roaster ;-)

Thanks for the good work you do!  I really enjoy your screencasts and was impressed with your professionalism and knowledge of your software and roasting in general!  I am hoping to be able to share profiles here once I am a little further along on the learning curve!

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