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Wish List / Re: Photos plus espresso shot details
« Last post by Danny Hall on February 06, 2019, 04:40:16 PM »

For color:
Yes, that seemed valuable to me at first too. And, I gave a lot of thought to this in the past, but after watching each iOS device upgrade, quickly realized that every hardware and software update brought significant changes to white balance, contrast, hue and every other photographic aspect that governs the “perception” of color. I am a fan of color matching - it has its place in roasting. Some aren’t, but I am. If you’re interested in color, I’d advise recording Agtron numbers. This is heavily integrated into Roastmaster’s reporting system, where you can get a bigger picture of what roast color (degree) might do to the taste of your coffee. SCA tiles are expensive, but there are internet hacks out there. The Kenneth Davids book Home Coffee Roasting has 4 of the 8 Agtron tiles on the inside back cover, and there are internet hacks with paint swatches out there.

For aspects beyond color:
 There’s a case there. Still haven’t throughly dismissed it.

Grind field: Perhaps, purposed differently. That field, by design, is meant to be quantifiable, which cannot be achieved with an alphanumeric value. Its decimal nature is tightly integrated into Roastmaster’s reporting engine, to allow users to report on a range of cuppings at various grind settings, and see what the absolute numerical grind value does to the taste. Remember, that field houses a decimal number. You could divide the fine setting up into segments, and use that as the decimal portion. For example, say you grind on coarse setting 22, and on fine setting C. If the fine range is from A to J, assuming a is 0, then C would correspond to .20. So, the numerical equivalent would be 22.2.

Wish List / Re: Photos plus espresso shot details
« Last post by pj47 on February 03, 2019, 09:11:42 PM »
I’m new to roasting with a Behmor 1600 Plus but I’d like to echo this call for linking or embedding some low to mid res images for the roasts and/or cuppings. Without it we’re missing a helpful tool.

I’d also add grinding should be allowed as an alphanumeric value. My Baratza grinder uses numbers for the coarse setting and letters for the fine one (such as 2L).  The grind field is useless and I have to record the data in the notes instead.
Hodgepodge / Re: Roasting meat?
« Last post by Andy on January 15, 2019, 02:13:10 AM »
iCelcius BBQ has dedicated software that might work for smoking. (I have only used it for grilling and roasting.) I don't know whether the app would work with another device -- but probably not. Also, it is not wireless.
Support / Re: ThermaQ probe for popcorn maker?
« Last post by Danny Hall on January 10, 2019, 04:24:54 PM »
Sounds cool!

Before getting my 1 Kilo drum roaster, I had a Quest. The Quest was pretty easy to mod for thermocouples. I think later models even shipped with mounts and dedicated holes.

On my current roaster, I didn't relish drilling through cast iron, so I sacrificed a screw mount (that was drilled all the way through the faceplate), and the TC hits the bean mass perfectly. (See attachment).

Sorry, I don't have any experience on newer sample roasters, just wanted you to be aware of this trick, in case it helps with the model you choose.
Support / Re: ThermaQ probe for popcorn maker?
« Last post by dmanning123 on January 05, 2019, 02:42:42 PM »
Thanks for the replies!  I did the simple mods to my West Bend Air Krazy air popper to have the fan remain on and the switch now controls the heating element.  I have a ThemaQ on order and will drill a hole and mount the thermocouple so it ends in the center of the popper and at a height just below the surface of the beans at rest (thanks Andy).

If I want to "graduate" from the air popper to larger roaster (at least 1/2 pound capacity) that is < $1,000, but I want to retain my ThermaQ thermocouple and this software, does anyone have any recommendations as to which brand would allow me to mount the thermocouples?  I don't want to get into soldering circuit boards, etc.

Waiting on my beans to arrive now! 
Support / Re: ThermaQ probe for popcorn maker?
« Last post by Andy on January 04, 2019, 05:11:20 AM »
I have used both type k thermocouples and iCelcius BBQ, which is a thermal resistance probe. Both work fine in my WB Poppery (I). Mine is configured so the tip of the probe is just below the surface of the green bean mass when it is at rest. When the beans loft in the fluid bed and then expand, the probe will be approximately in the middle of the bean mass. That is what has worked for me. I have not used ThermaQBlue or a Thermapen, so I cannot speak to that specifically, but I would think the same placement should work.

Support / Re: ThermaQ probe for popcorn maker?
« Last post by Danny Hall on January 02, 2019, 03:33:15 PM »
Hi Dave...welcome!

The only popcorn maker I've ever roasted on is a Whirley Pop, back in the day, so I can't speak from experience. But, I equipped that with a probe, and the basics are the same, whether its a popcorn maker or a large shop roaster. You want to get the probe in the center of the bean mass as much as possible. For a fluid style of roasting (assuming you're using the air popper version) that's more of a judgment call, and you'll end up measuring air temps as well, but with proper placement it will allow you accomplish the same results - repeatability.

The ThermaQ Blue accepts ANY style of K type thermocouple, and thermocouples CAN be bent AS LONG as you bend on a radius, i.e. no sharp corners. Think "U" shaped, not "L" shaped. Also stay away from the tip (where the junction is) at least 1/2". That being said, I'd take some measurements of the machine...maybe use pipe cleaners if you plan on bending it to help you get it right, and choose an 1/8" K type probe that hits your measurement plus some to go through the casing. You can get a wide array of sizes on Amazon...ranging from an inch or two through longer lengths.

Good luck!!
Support / ThermaQ probe for popcorn maker?
« Last post by dmanning123 on January 01, 2019, 07:22:39 PM »
I'm a newbie, here, so looking to get started in the best direction.  I'd like to attach a temperature probe to a West Bend Krazy II Popcorn Maker.  I use Thermapens for cooking so I'm already a fan.  I plan on grabbing the ThermaQBlue but am curious what is the best probe to use in the popcorn maker?  Anyone attach one?  (I've read the article on SweetMarie's, but am curious which ThermaQ probe works best)

Once I figure this all out on the popcorn maker, I will upgrade to something higher end, but want to make sure this is a hobby I get hooked first.


Support / Re: Syncing Data
« Last post by mamvf1 on December 29, 2018, 07:25:04 PM »
Perfect. Thank you.
Support / Re: Syncing Data
« Last post by Danny Hall on December 27, 2018, 02:46:56 PM »

Roastmaster's data structure is a bit too complex for the usual iCloud sync. In lieu of that, I've provided a few different ways to quickly transfer data to and from other devices. The easiest is to open the drum door on the home screen and choose "Export Current Database". If your other device is awake and nearby, you should see it appear in the "Airdrop" section. Tap it to send it to that device, and choose "Overwrite" on the receiving device.

Hope this helps.
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