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It would be fun to have the background so that it could be color coded (user adjustable) for various temperature ranges.  Such as one color from 0 up to 300f where drying phase usually ends.  Then the next color area would extend to first crack at 390f.  Then maybe a third that ends where you usually stop your roast.  Another for MET max so you can easily see when MET is getting beyond your comfort zone.  (too hot)

Danny Hall

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Interesting idea.

For the coming update, I plan to be working on curve events. I've had many conversations with different users in planning these. These events would include crack times, drop (quench) times, as well as user-defined events, and travel with each curve to future profiles. They'd also have the capability of temp-based alerts, so you could define one for your MET max, and have RM alert you, rather than have to track it yourself.

Part of my thinking in these is to provide horizontal graph lines for these events (similar to the horizontal grid lines that can be enabled in the analyzer), and include short descriptions (in tiny type) along each line. Or, providing small markers in the temp legend for the current temp of each reading curve, as well as a marker for each curve event in the target curves - a way to easily see how close you are temp-wise to each event.

Haven't fleshed it out entirely yet - any more thoughts are always welcome.