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Datalogging support for power meters  (Read 1726 times)

Trey D

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I have an electric, fluid bed roaster and would really like the option of automatic datalogging of power usage for the heater and fan. Preferably this would be in watts, but amps would work too. I currently enter the data (when I have time) manually as I read it from a meter.
Is there any chance of getting such a feature? Because of the multitude of sensors/meter out there, I'd be willing to adapt my roaster to whatever you decide to support so I could get the datalogging ability.


Danny Hall

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Hi Trey

Lots is changing in the coming version of Roastmaster in the area of Data Logging.

First of all, Control Curves will now support data logging. Beyond that, it will introduce the concept of "Scales" beyond the standard temperature scale (Humidity, Pressure, Agtron, etc.).

All of these (and several others) are means to the end of goals like you mention. I don't want to talk a lot on the forum about those features yet, until I'm in beta (very soon), but shoot me an email at'd be interested to know more about the power meters you mention and can speak a little more openly.