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Last effort to try to use roastmaster on ipad  (Read 5756 times)


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Hello Danny,

Would like to request for a refund for the app purchase and data logging fee we had to pay for. Unless of course we suceed at making this work one last time.. Have read many other solutions but all don't work.

Personally found the experience horrible and tedious unfortunately. We bought a wireless usb sensor as well as tried working it out with the phidget 1048 on the giesen with the ipad. We realised a laptop is needed to first be the host in order to sent the readings to the ipad which makes this process kind of unnecessary and troublesome. We thought we could just get readings straight to the ipad.

Would prefer to work with artisan instead. We have been trying to dig our brains on how to link up our roasters with the ipad app but I think it is rather misleading that it can link up directly. Hope to hear from you soon.

Danny Hall

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Hi Dave

I have no control over sales or'll have to take that up with Apple...

This is the first I’m hearing from you. Don’t hesitate to ask for support. The use of Phidgets can sometimes involve troubleshooting WiFi issues. I’d imagine the process is easier in Artisan, which benefits from hard-wired USB. iOS does not have that luxury, so it requires the extra step of a WiFi bridge.

That is why I always recommend the ThermaQ Blue to users for K type thermocouples. It’s Bluetooth LE…turn it on and it’s linked. Doesn’t get any easier than that. And also the reason I've designed my own Bluetooth LE hardware in the early manufacturing stages. Phidgets are tough...made for DIY tinkerers. They work great, but I am looking toward new technology...not legacy stuff.

The 1048 you mention is an old, legacy device. Roastmaster still supports it - and will continue to, but there are easier ways with their newer VINT devices. If you must stay with Phidgets, I’d recommend:

VINT Temp Sensor (readings)
SBC4 and Wireless Adapter (bridge to WiFi)

Even with their legacy hardware, most users opt for an SBC, instead of relying on a laptop. Roastmaster supports that as well.

I’m not sure what you mean by “wireless usb sensor”…do you mean their Wireless VINT Hub? That essentially replaces the SBC - making things a lot easier If so, Roastmaster will support that in the next release due in the fall. That is in beta right now with several users testing that particular hardware. It’s working great for them, and for me in internal testing. It’s cheaper, and easier because it usually requires no configuration at all. If that is what you’ve purchased, let me know and I can set you up on the beta so you can use it now without waiting for the official release.

Otherwise, I’ll try and help with your current configuration. Please send me screenshots of the following to

1) The probe definition screen in Roastmaster
2) The Network Server panel of the Phidget Control Panel app on your laptop

I’ll see if I can spot any immediate configuration problems. If not, we can look at your log to see why Phidgets isn’t communicating with your network. That’s usually a firewall problem.

As for misleading…I have to disagree. There is a big orange warning on the purchase screen, with pictures and diagrams of exactly what you need to connect with Roastmaster.

I’ll look for your email.