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Default curve selection in Roast Console  (Read 2586 times)

Trey D

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Currently it seems the default is whichever data curve is at the top of the list in the Data Curve section for that roast. What I like to see when I'm tapping through my completed roasts is how the readings compare to the references. When a curve is selected all the nodes and the area under the curve light up. This obscures the other curves, especially when they are very close together and I find myself tapping on every roast graph until no curves are selected.
I'd like to request a way to set the default curve selection to 'none' for the graph on the roast console.
If there's already a way to do this, please let me know.


Danny Hall

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Hi Trey

Great suggestion! Actually, this is on my to-do list to look at when I start official internal testing - probably this coming Monday. Since I've redesigned that area of the console, the old "reasons" why it is that way are no necessarily valid anymore. And I want to make sure that portion is honed for the reasons you mention.

You are correct...Roastmaster lets you reorder your data curves. It actually relies on it, because it considers the first curve to be the one you're most interested in. THat's the one it uses for the metrics of reports, and the temperature information it display lower down in that table view. For data logging users, that's typically Bean Mass. For sample roasters, though, it might be a control curve.

Whatever the case, the main reason I select the first curve in code, is so that you can see the drop temp at a glance...that's important to most people. A secondary reason, though, is that folks new to the app who don't yet understand the workflow, would probably be confused if they create a curve and bound it to a probe, and when that view reappears are not greeted with any type of temperature or curve related feedback. Since the curve would be empty, it would appear as if nothing had happened.

So, I want to be careful about what I show, and when. But, flip-style comparison like you mention is important. I've put some thought into that for this of the reason I removed a lot of the hokey animations. They were designed to show users WHAT was tappable, but become annoying when flipping through roasts. But I digress.

I really like your idea. Now that I've offloaded all the old criteria selector buttons and graph controls to a separate screen, I have room for more informative text. What I will probably do, is...IFF the roast is complete, and more than one curve exists, forgo the manual selection. Otherwise, keep as is. That "makes sense" to me...and I think it would to users as well. I've added it to the backlog for the beta. The code changes will be easy and I can squeeze it in. I may also lighten the reference curves when no curve is selected - similar to the analyzer.

This is really an awesome idea...and a great observation that sometimes I'm not in the best position to make for myself. I really appreciate you mentioning this...and your other thoughts!!!!