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Programs and Profiles..  (Read 2231 times)


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Good morning everyone.  Lets get some life back in this forum, shall we?

I'm new... And on this post, i'm going to just jump up and say... I did not search for the answers. I'm looking for some live feedback from
people that use this software now...

My initial thought was that that because I have a sonofresco, I only have 'one' real profile and I have ~9 roast programs in the ending bean temp.

I have roasted 4 different beans with RM all in this same profile, but at the RoastLevels.   

What I see is ... the different beans hit FC at different times, yet i'm suppose to use this to help predict...

You can't.

So Perhaps the error of my ways..
I need to either break out my default profile into programs for BEAN-RL   OR I need to create a new profile for each bean and use the program for RL
the same way..

In either case, I keep one type bean with each profile and all my FC SC, times should then be in line.

How do you use your Profile/Programs?  Inquiring minds need to know.


Danny Hall

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Good morning

Most folks use this forum as a way to ask questions directly to me. Unfortunately, there’s not a lot of user to user activity here. I certainly welcome it, so hopefully others might chime in with their thoughts.

In the mean time, I’ll share a couple of thoughts. You mention both Profiles and Programs. If you’re referring to Roastmaster itself, you should usually only need to use one of them at a time. Their function is identical. Why the complexity? Well, three reasons… 1) The Behmor home roaster uses both together, 2) Some roasting machines refer to the concept of Profiles, while others use the name Programs (just a means of familiarity), and 3) It IS possible to use both in tandem. You might employ a Profile that is specific to a particular bean, region or blend = showing specific temperature/control/miletsone data, and also use a Program to give show general curve data for an “average” roast for that roaster. Having both loaded at once would show you both the SPECIFIC curves and targets, as well as more GENERAL information.

But, again - I’m going to assume (and recommend) for your case that you only use one at a time.

Here’s a common use scenario with Data Logging (or entering temperatures manually).

You first load Roastmaster and performa a few roasts, gathering temperature curve data and crack data for each. One turns out particularly well, so you choose “Create Profile from Roast”, and create one general Profile. As you roast, you tag this profile, and start to tweak controls/temps to tailor to specific regions/beans/blends. At that point, your Profile library will start to grow, and will likely start to be categorized by region…South American, African, etc.

As you go on, you might further break them down by altitude/density/moisture, e.g. African Dry Processed, Central High Moisture, etc. So, as your Profile library grows, you’ll be able to tag any profile you wish in a roast, for specific targeting.

So, how do you see this information? In the Roast Analyzer (tap the button that looks like a bulls-eye target in the Roast Console).

When you choose “Create Profile from Roast”, the resulting Profile will contain Reference Curves for those values that you want to target, as well as target times for First and Second crack, and Duration (Drop time) - all of this taken from the original roast. Whatever “Events” you had attached to those curves will carry over as well, so all of the original roast information is now contained in that Profile.

When you use it in a roast, in the Roast Analyzer (full screen), you can tap the “Target Mode” button to switch to “Profile and Program” targeting mode. There, you’ll be able to see the curves, and crack/drop target times, and curve events with which to use to target. This information and functionality is NOT available in the MAIN roast console - only the Analyzer with the “Targeting Mode”. So, visually, you’ll have all of the original targeting information from your Profile superimposed on the current roast.

Does this help? Let me know if you need more explanation - happy to help.