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Calibrating Roast Profiles Between multi Coffee Roasters  (Read 1047 times)


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Hello Danny,

How about function like Calibrating Roast Profiles Between multi Coffee Roasters?
here is video talking about this issue
I have 4 roasters using RM, still pretty hard to calibrating them.

Some thing like, use roaster A's temperature curve as reference,
enter yellow; brown ;fc ;sc ;top temp value for roasters b c d ...z
When finding roaster A temperature 180°C the app will show temperature for b c d ...z
or once we find out offset of each roasters, we can set prob offset for each roaster profile,
even better we can use curve profile from roaster A,
when switching roaster it automatically (temperature defined in advanced) shows how it should roast on that particular roaster.

Hope that make any sense to you.

Danny Hall

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I'm just seeing this post for the first time. I thought it was a dupe of the post in the other thread.

Seems to me, for simplicity's sake, that this would, after all, be a great case for a curve editor. In RM, profiles are bound to roasters. So, when a profile traveled to a new roaster, you could enter a curve editor, where you could draw the spline yourself, adding nodes wherever you see fit - graphically.

If a curve had a spline, perhaps it would display differently in the analyzer, or perhaps mutate the curve data on the spot. Either way, same outcome.