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About using phidget & raspberry pi  (Read 3246 times)


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I wrote reply several times in the setting-up-phidget page, but the reply doesn't appear in the page.

So I come this forum again, and I found your answer to my old question!

Can I ask your help again?

A few days ago, I asked about using phidget temperature sensor with my laptop.
You replied to set outbound rule for TCP port and it works well.

However, I have another question, I typed the same words several times again & again...but it didn't appear on the page..

Here's the same words I copied.


Thank you very much for your kind help!!
I successfully connected PTS via my laptop to Roastmaster app.
Just adding inbound & outbound rule for the '5001' port solved the problem!!
Thank you again:)

And...still I need your help..^^;

Using laptop was a 1st step to confirm that phidget temperature sensor really works with Roastmaster app.

What I really want to do is using Raspberry pi with phidget sensor.
I read about a case in this page, someone successfully using RPi with Roastmaster app.
So I wonder if you can give me advice about using Raspberry pi~

Till now, I installed phidget library, libusb,, then...put my iphone & RPi on the same network..
but it seems Rpi-phidget cannot be connected to Roastmster app.

What should I do more?

I eagerly wait for your reply.
Have a nice day!! ^^*


Now..I diligently studied phidget manual for linux once again.
And I installed the 'phidgetwebservice' which helps , I think, to communicate with iphone by using avahi.
Avahi is similar protocol to bonjour, what apple uses, isn't it?

But.. I don't know how to activate it or what to

Thanks for helping me..

See you on this page^^//

Danny Hall

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My apologies for the late reply. I have been been out of the office for the last two weeks.

The thread you mentioned talked about using a Raspberry Pi with the new Roastmaster Datagram Protocol (RDP), and DIY hardware (Thermocouple board). That setup does not use the Phidgets hardware. It sounds, though, like you are trying to use a Raspberry Pi with a Phidgets Temperature Sensor, and the Phidgets software API in place of using a Phidgets SBC. Both of these avenues are possible, but they’re very different in terms of hardware and probe type within Roastmaster.

I have never tried using a Raspberry Pi with Phidgets before. Theoretically, it should work just fine. From what I understand, 2 things would need to happen:
1) The Raspberry Pi needs to be joined to the same WiFi network as your iPad/iPhone
2) The Phidget Web Service needs to be running on the Raspberry Pi.

From what you’ve said, it sounds like you’ve done both of those things. I would expect that to work.

On your laptop, you’d just need to
1) Create a new “Phidgets” Probe in Roastmaster
2) Enter the Phidget Temperature Sensor Serial number in Roastmaster. You can see this by opening the Preference Pane (Mac), or Control Panel (Windows) on your laptop. Enter that serial number into the Probe details screen in Roastmaster.
3) Enter the Port of the probe (0 - 4)

If you don’t receive a connection, it’s possible that a copy of the Web Service is still running on your laptop, and conflicting with the copy on the Raspberry Pi. Try stopping the Web Service on your laptop.