Author Topic: About using phidget & raspberry pi  (Read 31 times)


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About using phidget & raspberry pi
« on: February 15, 2017, 10:41:15 PM »
I wrote reply several times in the setting-up-phidget page, but the reply doesn't appear in the page.

So I come this forum again, and I found your answer to my old question!

Can I ask your help again?

A few days ago, I asked about using phidget temperature sensor with my laptop.
You replied to set outbound rule for TCP port and it works well.

However, I have another question, I typed the same words several times again & again...but it didn't appear on the page..

Here's the same words I copied.


Thank you very much for your kind help!!
I successfully connected PTS via my laptop to Roastmaster app.
Just adding inbound & outbound rule for the '5001' port solved the problem!!
Thank you again:)

And...still I need your help..^^;

Using laptop was a 1st step to confirm that phidget temperature sensor really works with Roastmaster app.

What I really want to do is using Raspberry pi with phidget sensor.
I read about a case in this page, someone successfully using RPi with Roastmaster app.
So I wonder if you can give me advice about using Raspberry pi~

Till now, I installed phidget library, libusb,, then...put my iphone & RPi on the same network..
but it seems Rpi-phidget cannot be connected to Roastmster app.

What should I do more?

I eagerly wait for your reply.
Have a nice day!! ^^*


Now..I diligently studied phidget manual for linux once again.
And I installed the 'phidgetwebservice' which helps , I think, to communicate with iphone by using avahi.
Avahi is similar protocol to bonjour, what apple uses, isn't it?

But.. I don't know how to activate it or what to

Thanks for helping me..

See you on this page^^//