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Adding another probe  (Read 3540 times)


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I currently have a Phidgets SBC3 with wifi connected to PhidgetTemperatureSensor 1-Input 1043 (bean probe) running RM on my iPad.
I want to add another probe and I have a PhidgetTemperatureSensor 4-Input 1048.
What do I need to do so the 1048 will read both probes?

Danny Hall

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Hi Bill

Roastmaster addresses Temp Sensors by the serial numbers of the temp sensors themselves (not the SBC) - so you can use multiple Temp Sensors on the same SBC.

So, first you'd tether the 4-port with the new probe to the SBC via the USB cable, and create the second probe definition in Roastmaster with the new 4-port serial number/port.

The, you could either leave the 1-port with its probe in place (having 2 temps sensors on the SBC - each with its unique serial number), or disconnect it and hook the old probe to the 4-port, and update the old probe definition with the new serial number.

I'd probably opt for both probes on the 4 Port - it's a little less processing power/bandwidth, but either way would work.

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