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Setting up Roastmaster app on Ipad  (Read 3984 times)


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Having trouble setting up the roastmaster app on Ipad Gen 2 with IOS 9, i followed the directions on setting it up and bought the probes on the app store. Using the ThermaQ from thermoworks. Bluetooth is on. I've also tested it on my android and it can pick up the thermaQ. Anyone having the same problems? 

Danny Hall

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"Trouble setting up" as in the ThermaQ probes won't link?

If so, Bluetooth LE peripherals will only accept incoming connections from one “central” device at a time. How the device defines a “connection” is up to the hardware/software of that device, i.e. how long before that connection times out. So, if you downloaded the ThermaQ app (even on another device or platform), and then tried to connect with Roastmaster, the ThermaQ app is probably holding onto the Bluetooth connection, even if the app is in the background.

Try terminating the ThermaQ app wherever it is in use - Android or iOS. Also, verify you've chosen a port in Roastamster's Probe Details screen.

Let me know how it goes.