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Help With Roast Data Logging  (Read 3546 times)


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I live in Australia and roast using Coffee Crafters Artisan 6 and have been using a data logger sold Coffee Snobs here in Australia but have problems with it.

Can somebody advise me exactly what to purchase to be able to hook up to Roastmaster and Ipad pro? If possible where I could purchase in Australia.

I saw Roastmaster and Coffee Crafters Artisan 6 in a video on their website so I know it works :) , but being in Australia it can be difficult finding the right equipment.

The Artisan 6 only uses one probe fitted in the hopper.



Danny Hall

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Hi Gil

The easiest solution is to use K Type thermocouples with the ThermaQ Blue. You can see details here.

The ThermaQ Blue cal be purchased on the Thermoworks website here. They ship internationally.

As far as the thermocouple probes themselves, you can buy them from Thermoworks, or anywhere online. Just make sure they are K Type probes with the yellow "quick connector" on the end. I, myself, prefer shielded (ungrounded) probes, because their temperature reporting is smoother (albeit a little slower). Just make sure they are sized appropriately for your roasting chamber. Thermocouples CAN be bent for fitting, AS LONG as you do it on a radius (no sharp bends - only curves), and you don't bend within an inch or so from the tip where the actual junction is located.

Amazon is a good place to look for probes.