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A video tutorial and a desktop version would be nice  (Read 1818 times)


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Thanks for bringing in this awesome app for roasters around the world. The app does have a quite steep learning curve. It video tutorial would be great for users to get on their feet quickly.

And I am sure you guys are hitting the block as the Bluetooth implementation on the iOS device is very limited, and very strict on the "Made for ixxx" program if anyone would like to make compatible device. In order to get a simple automated thermal reading and logging solution with RoastMaster and better use of the existing logging files people have been recorded through other solutions, do you plan to release a desktop version of the app in Mac OS X?

Danny Hall

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Thanks for the kind words. Sorry for the delay in responding, I'm eating and breathing code at the moment with the next update. :)

Tutorials are sorely needed, and I promise they're next on my to-do list. I try to keep myself on track with what the majority of folks are asking for, and you've hit the big one on the head - data logging. I'm wrapping up the next update as we speak, and the data logging option is included in the code as an add-on. It's been a huge undertaking, as it permeates into many areas of the app at the lower levels, but it's finally almost ready.

Sorry to those who have heard me say that 4 weeks ago - the release of the new iPhone with its new armv7s processor, and iOS 6 have both thrown a monkey-wrench in the works, and added a number of issues I wanted fixed before the release. I knew when starting data logging, that it would essentially black-out any maintenance updates. They wouldn't be possible until data logging was done. Some long overdue improvements will be included - iPad retina, iPhone 5 retina, and a slew of others.

You are correct - external hardware support in iOS is VERY sticky, and the MFI program is dark cave I fear to tread in, even if there were viable options on the market for bluetooth. Ethernet, though, is another story. I've chosen an open-source hardware to support for now that is ethernet based. I've been roasting with it for 6 months with Roastmaster, and it has proven extremely reliable and more cost-effective than other wireless options. Other devices can be added as I evaluate them for inclusion in the future.

I've spoken with Apple about this, and was informed that they don't tend to regulate ethernet connectivity in apps, so hopefully the update will pass through without incident. They warned me, though, that they will not give preliminary approval on anything. For that reason, I have to keep it a bit quiet, in case there is a problem in app review. I will post a full write-up on the hardware as soon as the update is approved.

I don't have a desktop version planned at the moment - though a number of folks have asked. I don't truthfully know how much appeal that would have, outside of the data logging issue. To me, it's much easier having an iPad by the roaster - and if that feature can be supported on iOS, seems the desktop version may not be an issue any more.

If you have samples of logs, feel free to them to me - The next thing I want to work on is import/export abilities. Lots of folks are asking for enhancements in those areas. Would love to see exactly what people want to achieve and what kind of data they are working with.