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Hottop KN-8828B-2K+ USB support  (Read 942 times)


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Hello Danny - we’re so glad you’re still around and as of the last wishlist comment I read, planning a new version.

Is there any chance you can add support for the newest Hottop roaster that has full USB control via Artisan as well as reading the two thermocouples? Even if Roastmaster cannot control but simply read the two thermocouples, we still want to continue using Roastmaster on the iPad vs having to learn and use software on a laptop. Thanks, we love Roastmaster!

Danny Hall

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Hi Siobhan

Thanks for the kind words, and sorry for late response...I've been baking and programming prototype circuit boards pretty heavy over the last week.

I do hope to offer a USB solution of some type at some point. When building Roastmaster, of course, USB was not even a consideration, so I concentrated on building wireless solutions. But, USB is stuck in manufacturer's brains like glue, despite Bluetooth LE being a much better solution IMO. That was part of the the reason I began designing and building the custom hardware I mention for use with RM, along with the RBP protocol - to provide (in addition to temp sensing) a wireless "bridge" for USB devices.

Now...with the new iPad pros with USB C that may change. I will evaluate all of that once the hardware is in full beta testing. I have yet to look into exactly what is possible programmatically with Apple's implementation of the USB protocol. From the products coming to market, I assume is it fully open. Though, historically Apple has avoided that like the plague, so I remain skeptical. If it's open (and I hope that it is) it would be a straightforward proposition.

Either's in future plans. Thanks for reaching out.