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Cheers! from Oregon  (Read 4952 times)


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Hi, Folks,

I've been home-roasting for about 12 years, but I just got an iPad recently and found Roastmaster. I've been using an Android app called Coffee Roaster for a year or so. It works pretty well, but RM seems much more comprehensive. Just finished entering roaster and inventory data and now looking forward to taking Roastmaster for a spin ... as soon as I have time to give it some attention. Still not sure I understand how to use it, but I figure I will learn as I go. Put me on the list of those who would like to see a video tutorial.


Danny Hall

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Hi Andy

I've been working on this update since the spring, as SO many folks have been asking for automated data logging. The number 2 request is tutorial videos. That is my only focus at the moment. I've had to hold myself back during development for the past 6 months - I've been itching to make some. Now that data logging is live, I'm excited to start.

Keep an eye on the site. I plan to have some out soon. Introductory, Data Logging, Profiles and Programs and more.

Thanks for the kind words. Please let me know if you have any questions in the mean time. I can always help.

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