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Easier switching between adjacent curves in full screen mode  (Read 2092 times)


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Hi Danny,
I'd like to suggest an enhancement to the way we currently switch between curves in full screen mode. Currently you must tap through them all in order to access adjacent curves - it's one-directional. What about adding multi-directional navigation? The first idea that came to mind was a "swipe-able" list of curves.

This would let me quickly switch from curve A to curve B, then back to curve A, without skipping a beat. I keep wishing for this when I get into roast development and speed is of the essence...

Any thoughts on this? (Thanks for giving us a place to voice our ideas!)

Danny Hall

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Hi Ben

I've actually already addressed that in the coming update - that's long been an annoyance of mine as well.

In the full screen analyzer, I reworked curve selection to be a lot smarter. I think with anyone used to computers, it's intuitive to touch on the "unique" section of an object (a part that does not overlap anything else). So, curves will now be selected by tapping directly on them. If more than one curve encompasses the tap point, the smallest curve wins, and successive taps near the same point within 2 seconds will cycle through only those curves that contain the tap point.

It actually sounds more complicated than it is - IMO it's very intuitive, but please let me know what you think once it hits the app store - especially on iPhone, where real estate is limited. I like your screenshot, and am still probably going to do something else supplemental that would work for the main console as well - something like you suggest, or even something as simple as a small row of colored circles for each curve - the selected curve having a small white ring around it. Taps to it would present a popup where you could tap big buttons. Not sure yet - am trying to remove as much clutter as possible from the roasting console, so I'm going to defer that until at least next update.

I finished up coding the new features for the update last week, but am kind of stuck in limbo prepping it for iOS 7, and waiting for a test device. It's almost ready though.

Thanks for the feedback!