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Agtron scale inverted  (Read 3395 times)


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The  SCCA Agtron scale in the SW is inverted, it should be that darker colors have lower numbers - darkest #25 - and lighter the higher - lightest #95 - and that's a little confusing ...

Danny Hall

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Hi Bmb

Thanks for the feedback. Are you talking about how it contrasts with the "Numeric degree" in a roast degree setting?

Roastmaster doesn't actually do anything with the Agtron number - it persists exactly as you enter it for reference only. The "Numeric Degree" field of a roast degree, though, is used to draw roast icons throughout the app - the higher the percentage, the darker the bean - to give you a quick indicator of the degree.

I see your point, and you're absolutely correct - they're opposite of each other, but that was a design decision in an effort to make it as intuitive as possible for folks who aren't familiar with Agtron. The common terms for roast degrees overseas are much different than those here in the states, so I knew those might be heavily customized, and figured the easiest way was the best way.

Let me know if I'm misunderstanding.

Kind regards