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BlueTherm Duo  (Read 3476 times)


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I just installed the BlueTherm Duo system and it just worked flawlessly!
Thanks Danny!

Is there a way to have a full screen mode during roasting?

Danny Hall

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Hi Ben

Great! Thanks for sharing the pic - I love to see pics of different roasting setups.

Roast full-screen - definitely! That's actually the screencast I'm working on today.

Once you've setup the roast and saved or started it, the Analyzer button will be enabled (the crosshair/target button next to the gauge). Tap that and you can roast entirely in the analyzer. When you launch it, it will be showing the same data the roast console is showing.

Keep an eye out for the screencast - I'll be showcasing some of the analyzer's features. Deltas, curve selection, target mode and differential temp projections are the ones you'll probably be using the most.