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Best thermocouple setup for Behmor  (Read 3445 times)


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There are lots of pros and cons about the thermocouple inputs you can use. But after you tally up all the factors (ease of use, cost, accuracy, convenience, etc); which setup do you think is best for the behmor?  I am just asking for your opinion. Thx

Danny Hall

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Sorry, I can't speak from experience on this one. I've never mod'ed a Behmor, personally - but I can at least tell you about the probes.

The most flexible, would be the Bluetherm Duo or Phidgets - either of these would let you choose a custom size K type thermocouple (or J type if you use Phidgets), which might be very helpful depending on where you choose to place it. There's lots of different sizes and diameters out there.

The iCelsius, of course, is a cheaper solution, but requires a wired connection to the iOS device. Also - its temperature range maxes out at 250° C (482° F). I'm not sure exactly what the internal temps of the Behmor are in the "hot zone", so you might want to take that into consideration. When I first talked to the iCelsius folks, I asked whether or not temp above 250° C would HARM the probe, or just make its reading unreliable. They said it shouldn't harm it, but it sounded like the the rep wasn't actually sure. So, take that into advisement. If the beans are reaching upwards of 220° C, I'm sure the radiant heat would drive the probe much higher if it were too close to the quartz elements, and, IMO, could potentially damage it. If you have another probe handy, and have already chosen a probe location and were interested in the iCelsius for cost reasons, you could do a test roast with that probe and see. Make sure to choose one of the profile/program combinations that reach max heat, though.

Hope this helps.

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