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Danny, From reading your posts, I have become intrigued with the Quest roaster. My biggest question is, do you find it annoying that it cannot do a 1lb roast?
Other that, what are your likes and dislikes?

Danny Hall

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Truthfully, yes - I do. But, IMO that inconvenience is more than offset by the fact that I do back to back batches. I think I could crank out 6 batches to the Behmor's 1 batch, given that the Behmor needs a hour cool-down between batches. That's great for me, because I need to test Roastmaster constantly - I end up giving a lot of coffee away, so for the average home user that may not be such a big deal.

Now a disclaimer: I'm not saying the Quest officially supports back-to-back batches - I've never been able to find hard proof one way or the other, but I have done it for years with no ill effect - sometimes 10 in a row.

For, me the pros are:
  • Very probe friendly and easy to log bean mass temps - just need fittings and the probes
  • I just think it looks really cool, and love the all-metal construction
  • Manual Operation - I'm a tweaker and like the control
  • Love the tryer
  • Love the fact that I can do back to back batches.
  • Quick bean cool down

  • Smaller batch size
  • IMO it takes a while for changes to really impact the beans - either heat or fan. Wish the fan was a little more powerful to get heat out more quickly. This may be true of any electric roaster, just feels like it could be faster to affect changes

If you're trying to decide between a Behmor and a Quest, they're both excellent roasters, but I really feel they're for two different markets. The Behmor is more geared toward set-it-and-forget it. You can tweak it with time-shifts, but you just don't have the level of tweaking control that the Quest gives you. For some folks that's a pro - for others it's a con.

I have both, and wouldn't part with either one.