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Importing temperature curves  (Read 11150 times)


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Any chance of a utility for importing from a PC?

I have 16 reference profiles for manual roasting that have time and temp data every 30 seconds. I know I can enter them manually, but that is cumbersome.

I currently have them in excel but can easily convert to a csv file on dropbox. How can I import that node data to a curve in a roaster profile?

Thanks, Nancy

Danny Hall

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Hi Nancy

Sorry - not for the PC, just this one for the Mac, but if you send me formatted Excel files, I'll import them on my mac, then send you the Roastmaster curve files. Format them with two columns - time, then temp...

Time   Temp
00:00   80.7
00:30   81.5

You can then import those into right into profiles (or optionally programs).

I want to put the logic for this into Roastmaster - I built the import with that in mind, I just haven't had enough folks ask for it yet. Expect it in the future, but for now I can get them converted easily with my OSX utility.

P.S. If you make heavy use of curves (like you obviously do) you'll love the update I'm wrapping up. The full screen graph is now an "Analyzer" - accessible from several areas of the app (beans, blends, home screen, roasts), and lets you swipe through past roasts for comparison, displaying cupping data, as you swipe, as a bar to the left of the graph. Screenshot attached - It's pretty sweet! :)

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