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It’s finished!

Well over a year, and thousands of test roasts later, Roastmaster is finished!

I’ve been a home coffee roast for years, and I finally grew tired of the index cards. They’re great in theory – a record of all your roasts so you can look up… wait – there’s the problem… “Look up”. Outside of coding, I’m an impatient person by nature – I wanted the information assimilated and presented to me – without intervention on my part.

…I wanted to say goodbye to the stepstool that helped me sift through bag after bag of beans on the cluttered top shelf, hoping I still had a little of the one I wanted.

…I wanted an alarm that would alert me when key points in a roast were approaching.

So… I made it. I love it, and hope you will as well. It’s finally done, and in the wee morning hours of May 29, I uploaded it to iTunes Connect to await review and, hopefully, approval…

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