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Cataloging Beans - New Roaster; New User  (Read 6296 times)


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Good day, all.  I am taking up home roasting as a hobby as I transition into retirement from a 26-year military career.

The first hurdle I have come up against is figuring out how to catalog my green beans.

I purchased an SR540 from Sweet Maria's and they sent me eight sample bags of beans.

I have three label examples attached.

I am trying to figure out how I translate the data on the label into the bean categories in the RoastMaster app. 

For example:  How does the name on the bag, e.g., El Salvador La Esperanza "H1" Cultivar break down into the RM categories of Market, Estate, Variety, etc.

Thanks so much!  I am looking forward to a first roast but want to make sure I capture data at all stages.


Danny Hall

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Hi Stephen

Don't worry too much about it. Whenever displaying the collective "name" of a bean, Roastmaster simply concatenates all of those fields together in the order those identifiers are displayed - regardless of which field contains the information.

Sometimes Tom will call out which is an estate or market name in the description, often he won't. It would take an awful lot of research to stay on top of that information. Some roasters have a direct relationship with farmers, so that distinction is important to them. Others aren't concerned with it at all. Many of us (myself included) typically just input the full name into the first field - the end result is the same.  :)