BlueTherm Duo

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BlueTherm Duo

Note: the BluethermDuo has been discontinued, and has been replaced by ThermaQ Blue, also available from ThermoWorks. Roastmaster will continue to support both the original, as well as the replacement model after release.

The BlueTherm Duo blends ease-of-use with flexibility, and is a great choice for either the home or shop roaster. Equipped with a long-lasting, rechargeable battery, the Bluetherm Duo communicates directly with your iOS device via the Bluetooth protocol, and supports up to 2 K type thermocouples.

In order to use the BlueTherm Duo with Roastmaster, you’ll need:
  1. BlueTherm Duo (Discontinued but still supported in Roastmaster)
  2. 1 or 2 K Style thermocouples
  3. Roastmaster Data Logging Option

Available in Roastmaster 7 and above.

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  1. Kenneth Poindexter
    Kenneth PoindexterSep 16, 2017

    I would like to use this on my probat l12 1987. Can you help me out? Do I need to modify the roaster? How long do the thermo need to be? Thank you!

    • Danny Hall
      Danny HallSep 18, 2017

      Hi Kenneth

      I’m not familiar with this roaster in particular, but the mechanics are pretty similar across the board. Being an older roaster, it probably doesn’t have a dedicated data logging probe, unless its already been modified. So chances are, you’ll have to add one. Sometimes, you’ll find a threaded bolt hole that can be sacrificed for a “port” to put a probe in. The viewing glass is a good spot to check, because that’s where the bean mass will be, and that’s where you want the probe. Just make sure it doesn’t hit the tines of the drum.

      It should be long enough to extend maybe 2 or 3 inches into the churning bean mass. Not too far, because this one has a pretty hefty capacity. I’d advise at least a 1/8″ probe. If you need to bend it, that’s fine. Thermocouples are tolerant of bending as long as A) its done in a radius (not sharp bends) and B) the bend is not close to the tip where the alloy junction is.

      One more thing – if you DO find an existing thermocouple – trace its leads. There’s a good chance its part of the hi-limit safety function of the machine and cannot be safely tapped or split.


      P.S. I just googled this model and found a fair number of pics showing data logging probe entering one of the bolt holes for the viewing glass. You’ll probably have some luck using one of those.

  2. Michael Dunlop
    Michael DunlopJun 03, 2018

    Any chance that the BlueDOT by Thermoworks will ever be supported?

    • Danny Hall
      Danny HallJun 04, 2018

      Hi Michael

      I had at one point decided to shy away from thermistor probes like this one, since they aren’t well suited to the higher temps of larger roasters. In reality, they should only be used in lightweight home or sample roasters where the temps don’t get very high. Some folks were burning up similar thermistor probes in larger roasters.

      But, Thermoworks has some amazing engineers and high quality products, so I plan on reaching out to my rep for detailed specs. I’m particularly interested in its MTTF (life expectancy) and temp reading and such. Thermistors don’t last as long as thermocouples, even under good conditions. But, since they seem to have engineered this for high heat, I probably shouldn’t discount it until I know more.

      I’m going to see what they tell me.

  3. Darell Reid
    Darell ReidSep 28, 2021

    Will you add another thermometer option since the bluetherm duo is discontinued and the thermaQ is out of stock with no word on when it will be stocked again?

    • Danny Hall
      Danny HallOct 11, 2021

      Hi Darell

      I’m sorry for the late reply…my MacBook died and was sent out for a very lengthy repair process. Just got it back today. The ThermaQ Blue is listing as “In Stock” now.

      I’m always on the lookout for true “Thermocouple” Bluetooth LE options to use with Roastmaster. Most do not proved an iOS SKD, since the prospect of providing an Apple SDK is intimidating to many manufacturers. Hopefully more will come to market now that BLE has had a chance to stretch its wings a bit.


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