968x601 Setting Up Range


The Supermechanical Range probe attaches directly to the headphone jack. These rugged, well constructed and stylish probes can be purchased from Supermechanical, and are a great choice for home roasters looking for simplicity and durability.

In order to use the Range with Roastmaster, you’ll need:
  1. The Range Probe
  2. Roastmaster Data Logging Option

Available in Roastmaster 8 and above.

Note: Headphone to Lightning adapter is not compatible with iOS 13

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  1. Timothy Chew
    Timothy ChewDec 15, 2019


    Can I check if the Range Dial line of smart cooking thermometers are compatible for data-logging?


    • Danny Hall
      Danny HallDec 16, 2019

      Sadly…no. I feel as though 3rd party develops support was abandoned by the manufacturer. I never received the SDK from them. I have two – love using them for slow roasting pork butts for tamales, and other things. But I assume they are keeping the SDK private.


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