RBP – Roastmaster Bluetooth Protocol

968x601 RBP

RBP – Roastmaster Bluetooth Protocol

Implementing the RBP protocol in your Bluetooth LE capable roaster or sensing device is a straightforward and easy process. The RBP Data Sheet contains the information you will need to get started. Please email us with any further questions.

RBP Data Sheet

  1. John sanders
    John sandersMar 28, 2018

    hi Danny
    Hope you are good. John sanders here checking in on the new ways to hook up the probes to the system. Do you offer a package for this and does it read typeJ grounded Tc

  2. Danny Hall
    Danny HallMar 29, 2018

    Hey John – great to hear from you!

    I am currently working on Bluetooth LE hardware that will support K and J types – as well as other means of input. Things are going very well in development – can’t wait to get that released. It will offer out-of-the-box direct, reliable connections. Until then, RBP is only a Do-It-Yourself solution for custom hardware.

    So…not yet, but close!

  3. Renato Aranghelovici
    Renato ArangheloviciSep 10, 2018

    Interested about an open source protocol for this app, to connect my ESP32 based TC/4 compatible device, hope to hear soon is available.

    • Danny Hall
      Danny HallSep 17, 2018

      Hi Renato

      Sorry for the late replay, I was out of the office last week.

      I have not yet published the RBP protocol specs, simply because I changed a lot of its implementation between the last Roastmaster release (11) and the upcoming release (12). I’ve spent the last year designing my own Bluetooth hardware for Roastmaster. It will go into production soon, so a lot of tweaking was necessary to make it “embedded-code-friendly”. Finally, though – the RBP protocol is officially finished. It will, as promised, remain open-source for Roastmaster users. But, it will not be usable until the version 12 release this fall.

      However, if you want to work with a Beta version of Roastmaster 12, email me at support@rainfroginc.com, and we can get you set up with a beta. This would include the final version of RBP, and the greatly expanded capabilities of curves. Also, I would supply you with the RBP specifications so you can program the ESP32.

      Let me know if you’re interested.


  4. Jhon david
    Jhon davidJul 25, 2019

    Hello, my name Jhon David and I bought roastmaster, I want to connect my coffee toaster to the software but ask me to install Data Logging. The problem I see is that when I buy the app anywhere says I should buy the data logging too, so I see it is false advertising

    • Danny Hall
      Danny HallJul 26, 2019

      Hello Jhon David

      The main iTunes Store app description (localized for every supported language) only mentions Data Logging in the following line…

      The Data Logging in-app purchase allows you to connect one or more thermocouples to automate your roasts. Roastmaster displays and records real-time temperature readings from each probe. When paired with Roastmaster’s other automation features, roasting becomes truly hands-free!

      Furthermore, the following pages describing data logging clearly state that it is an “option” and that you must “purchase the Data Logging option in Roastmaster”

      Sorry you were confused, but I really don’t know how much clearer I can make that point.

      Kind regards,

  5. Timothy Chew
    Timothy ChewDec 15, 2019

    Hi Danny,

    I wanted to check on the progress on this? At this point the options for data-logging seem pretty limited, and I was looking forward to the addition of this.


    • Danny Hall
      Danny HallDec 16, 2019

      Hi Timothy

      Progress (as of Saturday) is awesome!!!! I assembled, baked and finished programming the second prototype of the first electronics unit that will support RBP. I’ll began testing heavily the day after tomorrow as I do my own Christmas roasting for family and friends. I Amazon is on point, I’ll have the 4-20ma pressure sensor I ordered, and I can finally witness the whole package in action…instead of hooked to the oscilloscope on my workbench. Then, in Jan, I plan to field test at a large commercial roaster. Message me on FB or email me support@rainfroginc.com if you want to see pics/vid.

      Hope your holidays are awesome!!


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