Roasting in the Analyzer – A Comprehensive Tutorial

Roasting in the Analyzer – A Comprehensive Tutorial

In this screencast we walk through a roast in the roast analyzer using the Data Logging option, honing a slightly modified new drip profile for Ethiopian beans. It showcases a lot of the features of the roast analyzer as well as introduces a few concepts about roast profiles.

You’ll learn how to configure a roast in the roast console, load the past roasts you want to have available to you as you roast, then use that data in conjunction with profile data to perform a roast entirely in the analyzer.

You’ll also learn how to choose which sets of data you want to target, as well become familiar with some of the helpful tools Roastmaster provides to help you stay on those targets as you roast.

Despite all my attempts to keep this as brief as possible, this screencast reaches a whopping 16 minutes. It’s 16 minutes well-spent, though – there’s lots of good information packed in here, which earns it the title “Comprehensive”.

You can also view the abridge version of this screencast: Roasting in the Roast Analyzer: Preview Trailer. The trailer contains only the roast itself, removing all commentary and steps other than the basic tasks required to configure and perform the roast.

Please forgive my voice, courtesy of what I’ve dubbed my “Polar Vortex Head Cold”.

This roast makes use of the Data Logging option, and two external thermocouples measuring Bean Mass and Ambient Drum Temps. The same concepts apply, though – whether you’re using Data Logging or logging temps manually.


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