Roasting with Roastmaster Part 5 – Differential Temperature Projections

Roasting with Roastmaster Part 5 – Differential Temperature Projections

In part 5 of our Roasting with Roastmaster series, we show how to use differential temperature projections in an automatic data logging environment to provide accurate predictions of where our curve temperatures are headed in a future point in our roasts.

  1. Ned Russell
    Ned RussellFeb 07, 2019

    Hi. I’m trying to use Roastmaster to control my Coffee Crafters Artisan 6M roaster for cocoa bean roasting using a ThermaQ Blue probe for autologging my bean temps. When I click on ThermaQ Blue in the Choose Probe Type menu, I get a dialog box saying “Choose an Item: Objects”, but I can’t add an object or get anything to happen. What am I doing wrong?

    • Danny Hall
      Danny HallFeb 07, 2019

      Hi Ned

      From the “Probes” section of the main menu, when you tap the plus button to add a probe, then choose “ThermaQ Blue”, Roastmaster will list all of the “connectable” devices it finds. If nothing shows up here, it simply means Roastmaster cannot connect to it. Naturally, the ThermaQ Blue has to be powered on at this stage. But, the usual culprit when it won’t display in that screen is that the Thermoworks app has auto-installed on the device and is running in the background. Bluetooth LE only allows one connection to a device at a time. So, even if the other app is only running in the background, it has still commandeered the only available connection to the ThermaQ. You have to terminate it from the background to release the device so Roastmaster can connect.

      Let mw know how you make out.

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