Setting Up the iCelsius BBQ

968x601 Setting Up ICelsius BBQ

Setting Up the iCelsius BBQ

Setting Up an iCelsius BBQ for Data Logging

The iCelsius BBW can be purchased from iCelsius.

  1. Attach the iCelsius BBQ to your iOS device.
  2. Navigate to the Probes list from Roastmaster’s Utilities window.
  3. If you have not already purchased the Data Logging option, tap “Data Logging Store” and enable Data Logging. Roastmaster will guide you through the purchase.
  4. Tap the + button to add a new Probe.
  5. If the iCelsius is attached, the Status field should display “Linked”, and report the current probe temperature.
  6. Tap “Save”.

Roastmaster only supports the wired BBQ probe. The manufacturer has not yet made the Wireless software available for public use.

  1. Jerry Lamb
    Jerry LambDec 06, 2013

    I bought the icelsius BBQ. It does not plug into my iPad 2. Does it require an adaptor?

    • Danny Hall
      Danny HallDec 06, 2013

      Hi Jerry. Yes – the Lightning to 30 pin adapter is the little white piece on the end of the iCelsius BBQ. I have that annotated on the other data logging page, but I’ll add it to this one as well – sorry. I’m surprised they haven’t released a Lightning version of this probe.

      • Jessie Lee
        Jessie LeeMar 14, 2014

        Hi Danny

        How long should I wait for next update?
        I have everything for data logging now
        So I need your update for iPAD air(and iCelsius lightning version)

        Please make hurry

        Thank you

        • Danny Hall
          Danny HallMar 14, 2014

          Hi Jessie

          I uploaded the update early yesterday morning. Apple usually approves it within a week, so I’m hoping it will be available by early this coming week.


          • Jessie Lee
            Jessie LeeMar 15, 2014

            Oh thank you so much

          • Danny Hall
            Danny HallMar 28, 2014

            Hi Jessie

            So sorry for the delay. The update spent over two weeks in review but finally got approved today. Should be on the store soon.

  2. Jessie Lee
    Jessie LeeMar 12, 2014

    Dear Danny

    What a nice App

    I bought ROASTMASTER, data logging option, and iCelsius BBQ
    I just got iCelsius BBQ
    And I attached it to my iPAD air and enabled DataLogging
    but at the probe screen status was only unliked !

    In icelsius App, it works well
    But in Roastmaster it doesn’t work at all
    I am so depressed

    What should I do?

    • Danny Hall
      Danny HallMar 12, 2014

      Hi Jessie

      Thanks so much for the kind words – that’s great to hear!

      Did you purchase the Lightning version of the probe?

      If so, you’ll need the update I’m working on now. I guess Anginova was backordered – my probe just arrived the day before yesterday. I’ve put it through the tests and plan on submitting the update to Apple in the next day or two.

      In the mean time, if you want to send me your UDID I’ll make a beta build you can download and get started right away.

      Kind regards

      • Jessie Lee
        Jessie LeeMar 12, 2014

        I see

        I will have to wait more days

        Thanks for your effort!

      • Jessie Lee
        Jessie LeeMar 12, 2014

        I got lightening version

    • Gabriel Rodriguez Chaves
      Gabriel Rodriguez ChavesMar 13, 2017

      I bought the iCelsius BBQ, i cofigured it in the roastmaster app and paid the option for data logging, it didn´t work, then i updated the app and i can not use it any more, the app closes itself when y try to use it… what can i do?
      im using a iphone 6

      • Danny Hall
        Danny HallMar 14, 2017

        Are you using iOS 9?

        If so, Roastmaster MUST be run on the latest version of iOS 9, which is 9.3.5, or 10.x. There is an Apple bug that prevents Roastmaster from launching on certain earlier versions of 9.0 (9.1, 9.2.x, etc.).

        When using the iCelsius, make sure that the iCelsius App from Aginvo is terminated from the background tasks. It will automatically launch itself when the BBQ is connected, and comandeer the probe, preventing Roastmaster from accessing it. Once it’s terminated, Roastmaster will have full access to the probe.

  3. Jessie
    JessieApr 02, 2014

    Hi Danny

    I have updated new version 7.0.3
    and I could test my probe -iCelsius BBQ
    But I found serious problems with my probe

    The first problem is incorrectness
    With old probe the 1st crack came at about 190 degree celsius
    But with iCelsius BBQ 1st crack came at 170 degree celsius
    What a disappointing bias

    And second problem is more serious
    During roasting the temperature became 452 degree celsius

    I think this is not usable
    I don’t understand why you recommend this probe

    I don’t know what I can do with this probe

    Have you ever had same problem with iCelsius?
    Pleas temm me your opinion

    Thank you

    • Danny Hall
      Danny HallApr 02, 2014

      Hi Jessie

      I just tested my iCelsius Lightning next to a K type thermocouple wired to my Bluetherm duo. Both stayed within just a few degrees of each other, directly into the temps of second crack – ~220° C. I’ve done extensive testing with the iCelsius (both versions) and have never seen anything like you’ve described.

      A thermistor style probe (like iCelsius) is never going to read exactly the same as a thermocouple, but its temps should remain closer than what you are seeing.

      A good course of action would be to compare the iCelsius using the iCelsius app directly from the manufacturer, alongside another probe. If you see the temps you describe, take a screenshot of the iCelsius app and send it to Aginova, and ask for help. 452° C is almost double what the probe is supposed to be able to report, so they would probably supply a replacement.

      Let me know what you find out.

      • Jessie Lee
        Jessie LeeApr 04, 2014

        Thank you for your kind reply
        And I am sorry to bother you

        I just tested icelsius BBQ lightning version with my old probe
        At around 100 degree celsius icelsius bbq got 452degree again!!

        I captured the scene

        If you tell me your email address I will send you it

        And can you tell me how I can reach AGINOVA with this problem?
        In web site they don’t have any page to send the picture

        I love ROASTMASTER APP and if I can’t solve this problem with icelsius BBQ, I would have to find another probe

        Thank you

  4. Jessie
    JessieApr 04, 2014

    Thank you for your reply
    And I am sorry to bother you

    I just tested icelsius BBQ with my old probe
    And it reached 452 degree celsius again(at about 100 degree)
    I captured both temperatures

    If tell me your email address I will show you it

    I can’t find any PAGE to show this error to aginova in their web
    Can you tell me the way how I can contact with them?

    thank you

  5. Rick Hensser
    Rick HensserApr 24, 2015

    I got the roasting app and the iCelsius BBQ the probe must be keeps loosing connection with the device it’s attached to as soon as I put any kind of heat on it in a never makes it past 100 degrees F very disappointed as between apps and hard wear I have spent $100 any help with this problem

  6. Travis Hudson
    Travis HudsonMay 28, 2016

    Does the App support the newer versions of the iCelsius, such as the iCelsius Wireless or Blue? Thank you

    • Danny Hall
      Danny HallMay 31, 2016

      At the moment, no – sorry. as of the last release of Roastmaster, the manufacturer was keeping the software API for those models “private”. It seems they have changed this stance, so I’ll be evaluating this again for the version of Roastmaster currently in development, but I don’t have any news yet. Should know something in the coming weeks as I flesh out the new probe features.

      • Pablo Ulpiano Gonzalez
        Pablo Ulpiano GonzalezMar 02, 2017

        Hi, any news regarding what iCelsius are compatible? Thank you!

        • Danny Hall
          Danny HallMar 03, 2017


          After several rounds of misinformation, it seems the final word from Aginova is that they do NOT provide 3rd party support for the “Wireless” model, and have no plans to offer it in the future, i.e. it will only ever work with THEIR app – other 3rd party apps cannot use it.

          They are, though, going to provide 3rd party support for their “Blue” model. I have on one ordered. When it arrives, I’ll be evaluating it for future inclusion in Roastmaster.

          Sorry. I cannot give a time frame. The manufacturer did not respond to my inquiries during development of the latest Roastmaster version. I only got a final answer after its release a couple of weeks ago.

  7. Brad
    BradJun 25, 2017

    Just wondering if there have been any updates as to the icelsius blu models. Seems like the easiest route for myself if it’s available.

    • Danny Hall
      Danny HallJun 26, 2017

      I’m about to release an update with support for the new ThermaQ Blue from Thermoworks. The demand for that has been extremely high. That unit is a traditional K type Thermocouple interface. I will be evaluating that new iCelsius probe I mentioned in the coming weeks now that the ThermaQ support is done.

      The thermistor style probes like the iCelsius have a lower temp range, and aren’t applicable in as many roasting setups as thermocouples, since the heat is often too high. But many home roasters seem to make out fine with them in their setups.

      I’d recommend having a look at the ThermaQ Blue in the mean time. It’s a great unit. Otherwise, I still do plan to support the iCelsius line. I just try to prioritize things in the order of requests I get. Sorry – still working toward it.

      • Brad
        BradJun 26, 2017

        Sounds great.
        I’ll look into the thermaQ.
        We are currently running a Toper 5Kg machine. If you have any more suggestions to that specific roaster I’m open to recommendations.

        Looks like the roaster is currently running J type thermocouples. so looks like I’ll have to make a new insertion point for the new probe.

        • Danny Hall
          Danny HallJun 29, 2017

          I saw those guys at the SCAA in Atlanta and Seattle both, I can’t remember, though if they provide a separate, dedicated probe for external data logging. If so, then Roastmaster would support the existing J-type with either 1) Phidgets, or 2) the RDP protocol using any custom hardware/software you build.

          If not, then the probe would almost certainly be integrated into the safety functions of the roasters (hi-limit, etc.). In those circumstances, it isn’t safe to split the thermocouple leads, and you should install a second probe regardless.

          I’d ask the manufacturer directly which is the case. If you want to put them in contact with me, just let me know and I can hope on a call with you.

          • Brad
            BradJul 11, 2017

            Hi Danny I just drilled and tapped a new hole for a thermaq blue probe it doesn’t seem to be picking up on my Bluetooth through Roastmaster just wonder if you have for suggestions to check under the settings. I did download the thermaworks app to confirm it can communicate with the unit and it can, but not Roastmaster data logging. Thanks

          • Danny Hall
            Danny HallJul 12, 2017

            First of all, you do not pair the device in Settings as per older Bluetooth protocols – it’s all managed in Roastmaster.

            Were you able to define the probe? When you tap the + button in the Probes list, and choose “ThermaQ Blue”, you’ll be presented with a list of devices – your device should appear in the list. Do you see it there? Choosing it there will create a new probe definition – you’ll just need to choose the port – 1 or 2 in order for it to link.

            Bear in mind that Bluetooth LE protocol only allows for ONE connection to a device at a time. So, if the Thermoworks app is running (even in the background) it could block Roastmaster’s connection.

  8. Brent Langdon
    Brent LangdonJul 21, 2020

    What is the price of the Data logging? I am considering buying your software with Data Logging an iCelsius probe. Also is there a lightning cable version of the probe (for iPhone 7 plus) or will a simple lightning to 30 pin adapter work?

    • Danny Hall
      Danny HallJul 22, 2020

      Hi Brent

      The Data Logging IAP is $14.99.

      iCelsius manufactured both 30 pin and Lightning versions of the BBQ over the years. But, I don’t think they are in production anymore – their website doesn’t show it. They’ve never been good about communicating with me, so I can only guess. They moved to a wireless platform, but didn’t open up the wireless SDK with private developers, or so I was told by my rep. I keep the web page up because Roastmaster still supports it, but I’d imagine you’d have to purchase one second-hand.

      As far as working with a Lightning adapter…I’m not sure what to say yet. I have both units for testing, but I haven’t tested them yet with iOS 13. The next version of RM just went into beta. I won’t start internal testing until next week…I’ll know more then. When I do, I’m going to update that page to avoid confusion. In the mean time, feel free to email me at for an update.

      All that being said…I’d recommend the ThermaQ Blue instead. It’s easy to use and extremely reliable.

      Hope this helps.

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