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  1. Woody DeCasere
    Woody DeCasereJan 22, 2013

    Hi a question for you, is there a wireless probe that works with roastmaster, and where can i find them.


    • Danny Hall
      Danny HallJan 22, 2013

      Hi Woody

      Sorry the site is in a bit of disarray this week while I restructure. I’m adding a documentation section, and place for tutorial videos – trying to get things streamlined and organized.

      As of version 4 on the app store, you can purchase the Data Logging option and operate with Phidget Temperature Sensors. There’s a parts guide here See the link in the Data Logging section.

      At the moment, only K type thermocouples are supported. I plan on adding support for J type in the next update. Due to lack of USB in iOS, Phidgets is the only hardware capable of communicating with Roastmaster in an Apple-sanctioned way at the moment, but the temperature sensors perform beautifully.

      Let me know if you have any specific questions.


  2. Roger
    RogerJan 15, 2014

    P.S. I realize there is always a learning curve and this is no exception. But as I try to see if “any” of the attributes I entered in prior to roasting–roaster, bean, room temp, weight, etc.–none of these show up when I enter the “Roast Details” screen for the roast that just took place. Why is this? The thermocouple may not have been reading correctly (ala no “save” button) but the other attributes should have been saved and now displayed.



    • Danny Hall
      Danny HallJan 15, 2014

      Hi Roger

      That should not be happening. Whenever you hit the “Save” button the database is saved. Roastmaster also saves the database at many different points during a roast to guard against possible crashes, etc. where the database might not have a chance to save.

      I replied to your email. Can you try making a test roast, recording a few details, saving, closing, then opening it up again to verify that the details are still there?


  3. Jeff
    JeffMar 11, 2017

    Hi Danny,

    I would like to speak with you about using your software with the Artisan roaster – would you please give me a ring? I’ve put my phone # in the website field. Thanks!

    • Danny Hall
      Danny HallMar 14, 2017

      Hi Jeff. Sure, I’ll call you tomorrow (Wed) at 12 noon EST. Sound good?

  4. Dave Helbling
    Dave HelblingMay 15, 2017

    We have an Artisan 6 on order and would like use your app. Which of the iCelsius models will work? I assume that the probe would go in the place of the factory supplied probe. Are there any issues in using an iPad with iOS 9?
    Thank you,

    • Danny Hall
      Danny HallMay 16, 2017

      Hi Dave

      I’d advise against Thermistor style probes like the iCelsius or Range for the Artisan. It’s temps get quite hot, and thermocouples are better suited for that roaster.

      The manufacturer of the discontinued BluethermDuo is just about to publicly release the replacement for that unit. Roastmaster will support it just as soon as its public and I can upload an update to iTunes. I’d advise waiting for that, or using Phidgets if not.

      As for iOS 9, as long as you are on the latest build (9.3.5 I believe), there are no Roastmaster issues that I am aware of.


      • Dave Helbling
        Dave HelblingMay 16, 2017

        Thanks Danny. Our roaster arrives very soon and we’ll be roasting experimentally. Hopefully the replacement model won’t take a long time to be released.

        • Danny Hall
          Danny HallMay 19, 2017

          Keep an eye on for the “ThermaQ Blue”. I’m not sure where you’re located, but it’s already on their UK site. According to my rep, it should hit their US site shortly.

          I’ve finished adding support to Roastmaster – it’s working great with test unit. Once testing is done, I’ll release an update. So, hopefully very soon!

  5. Justin Schneider
    Justin SchneiderAug 19, 2017

    Hi Danny I was wondering what thermocouple you recommend since Thermoworks discontinued the Bluetherm Duo I’m wanting to get a Bluetooth thermocouple for my roaster its a Artisan 6M. Thanks Justin Schneider
    P.S. My phone number is (252) 531-4096 if you care to call me.

    • Danny Hall
      Danny HallAug 19, 2017

      Hi Justin

      The replacement is available here.

      It’s the same scenario, but easier setup and uses Smart Bluetooth (LE). Roastmaster offers full support.

      They have a meat kit available too – great for double duty when slow roasting pork shoulders. 🙂


  6. Bryan
    BryanOct 15, 2017

    Hi Danny,

    May I know the followings are enough for building up temperature measuring system?

    It is for my coffee roaster

    PhidgetSBC3 (ID: 1073_0)

    Wi-Fi USB Adapter 802.11n (ID: 3703_0)

    PhidgetTemperatureSensor 4-Input (ID: 1048_0)

    • Danny Hall
      Danny HallOct 16, 2017

      Hi Bryan

      Yes, those components (and the thermocouples) will form a full system that will work with the current version of Roastmaster (10.1).

      However, the next version of Roastmaster (11) is currently in review with Apple, and introduces support for their VINT line of products, including the RTD sensors and their new (cheaper) SBC 4. The new SBC was not available for testing when I submitted to Apple, but the hardware should not matter – it should work out of the box with the upcoming Roastmaster 11.

      Any other questions – just let me know.

      • Bryan
        BryanOct 26, 2017

        Thanks Danny

  7. goran
    goranNov 23, 2017

    I’m looking for a software for a new machine where is a Phidget 1046. Do You have a windows version or only iOS?

    • Danny Hall
      Danny HallNov 27, 2017

      Sorry – Roastmaster is only for iOS at the current time.

      • goran
        goranApr 04, 2018

        Thank You for answer. I have a phidget in a roaster but second one is broken in two months and I can’t use a RoastMaster for which I buy iPad Air. I’m waiting for a new one. In mean time, I buy a iCelsius for a iPad 3 and learn to use a software. Do I have for every single roasting choose a curve and próbę or it is possible to mark one probe as a default curve for all roasting.
        Best regards from Poland.
        Great program.

  8. Norman O'Genski
    Norman O'GenskiApr 22, 2018


    I have an older Ipad 9.3.5 and Roastmaster 11.0.0

    Do you have probes that fit a 2006 Diedrich IR-7 ?

    Thanks for your time.

    Cheers, Norm

    • Danny Hall
      Danny HallApr 23, 2018

      Hi Norman

      You’d have to decide and fit the thermocouples based on your Diedrich. Usually, that involves replacing a factory probe with a dual-tip thermocouple, and running one set of leads to the original factory hookup, and the other set to one of the hardware interface units that Roastmaster supports. Currently, that’s Phidgets (J & K) and the ThemaQBlue (K only). Roastmaster does support a few thermistor style probes, but those would not be robust enough for higher end machines like yours.

      There’s more info about data logging here… The ThermaQBlue is direct Bluetooth connection. Phidgets requires a host to send readings over your WiFi network. You can see how that works here…

      Let me know if you have any questions – will be happy to answer them.


  9. Trey
    TreyJun 01, 2018

    Hi Danny,

    Any plans on supporting the new ThermoWorks BlueDOT ( ) ?
    Only one probe, but 1/3 the price of the ThermaQ Blue so it would make a nice alternative.


    • Danny Hall
      Danny HallJun 01, 2018

      Hi Trey

      They’ve sent me a bunch of promotional emails about it. I had previously decided to shy away from thermistor probes, since they can’t easily accommodate the higher temps of larger roasters. It’s tough for me to easily convey the message that they should only be used in lightweight home or sample roasters where the temps don’t get very high.

      But, Thermoworks has some amazing engineers, and I’ll probably reach out to my rep for specs. I’m particularly interested in its MTTF (life expectancy). Thermistors don’t last as long as thermocouples, even under good conditions. But, since they seem to have engineered this for high heat, I probably shouldn’t discount it until I know more.

      I think I’ll see what they have to say.


  10. Luccia Rogers
    Luccia RogersJun 16, 2018

    You may have been asked this before, but I haven’t found a response nor comment about it. I’m using a Sonofresco roaster. It comes with Bluetooth connectivity and onboard temperature probe. Maybe I’m missing something, and maybe it’s a software issue, but it seems all the pieces are in place for Roastmaster to work with this roaster, particularly capturing temperatures and elapsed times. Great roaster, but really wonky, limited software, so in my perfect world, there is a simple software solution to allow the onboard transceiver to talk with this iPad. Let me know.

    • Danny Hall
      Danny HallJun 19, 2018

      Hi Luccia – thanks for contacting me.

      I can’t remember if I’ve reached out to Sonofresco in the past about this or not. In any event, I sent them an email today. I would certainly be willing to add native support to Roastmaster. I constructed Roastmaster’s Bluetooth engine to make it easy to do things like this–I would just need to know their Bluetooth specifications and get their blessing.

      I’ll reply back and let you know what they say.

  11. Steve S
    Steve SJul 12, 2018

    I’m roasting on a grill (just a starting point) for my own enjoyment and have been getting some outstanding results. Adding technology including this app. Would like to add environment probe and bean pile proble, but the grill basket spins on a rotissereie, is there a wireless thermocouple to attach to the grill basket?

    • Danny Hall
      Danny HallJul 13, 2018

      Hi Steve

      Sorry no, not that I know of. There are means of building tiny battery-powered electronics with Roastmaster’s existing RDP (WiFi) and RBP (Bluetooth) communication protocols for rotating drums like the Gene Cafe roaster. The devices can attach to the outside of the drum and spin with it with the probe inserted through the drum wall. But, the electronics are segregated from the heat in that setup, because the heat is applied from the interior of the drum. I assume your rotisserie is fully enclosed in the grill, and any electronics would be exposed to the environmental heat of the grill. I can’t think of any way to route a thermocouple cable so that it wouldn’t become entangled in the spindle or spindle mounts.


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