Roastmaster Overview

Creative Coffee Roasting is an Art

The key to its mastery lies in applying the knowledge you collect in every roast, and tracking quality at every step…from supply to evaluation.

Designed for prosumer and specialty roasters alike, Roastmaster iOS is a digital palette of tools that work together to paint the bigger picture. It makes easy work of tracking every facet of your roasting workflow…from inventory management to roast profiling to cupping evaluation.

But more importantly, Roastmaster shows you how all of these elements fit together, to help you easily achieve the best cup possible…again and again and again.

Master Inventory and Supply

Roastmaster makes it easy to keep tabs on every aspect of your green bean inventory. From varietal details and current stock, to lots, quality and cost tracking…it’s all here.

Roast Intelligently

Roastmaster’s broad suite of roasting tools will help you easily build, track, monitor, target and log each and every roast. And, Roastmaster’s informative interface displays the sum of all that knowledge with just a tap.

Profile with Precision

Profiles are powerful. Roastmaster makes it easy to build, catalog and organize an extensive library of roast profiles–and put them to use to keep your roasts on track.

Blend and Reblend

Roastmaster’s flexible blending system gives you the freedom to pre-blend or post-blend and even RE-blend, to keep up with changes in supply or cost.

Evaluate for Insight

Good cupping habits will yield better coffee. Roastmaster makes it easy to quickly evaluate a single roast or an entire flight to keep your roasts on point.

Work with Efficiency

You accomplish more when your workflow is tuned, efficient and fast. Roastmaster is designed for flexibility and to reduce work for repetitive tasks.

See the Bigger Picture

The data you collect is valuable. Harvest every ounce of its potential with Roastmaster’s reporting capabilities. With line items, interactive charts and endless metrics, you’ll quickly see how the puzzle pieces all fit together.