See the Bigger Picture

Everything is Relative

The data you collect is valuable. Harvest every ounce of its potential with Roastmaster’s reporting capabilities. With line items, interactive charts and endless metrics, you’ll quickly see how the puzzle pieces all fit together.

All the Data you Need…in One Place

Roastmaster provides many means of sorting, grouping and browsing your data. But, none is as powerful as its reporting engine. Find, group, sort and tally the data you want to see, in the manner you want to see it. Then analyze it graphically as a whole, or in chunks. Or, export your data as tab delimited text for a spreadsheet application.

Line Graphs Show You How Your Data Interrelates

Reports give you the ability see how individual variables may be affecting other variables. Specify custom metrics to see how they affect each other, and overlay all related cupping scores to see the effect those metrics are having on the taste of your coffee.

Interact With Your Data

Static graphs are one thing, but interactive graphs are another thing entirely. Tap and drag to see details about all the entities represented in your report.

Broad-Reaching Capabilities

Roastmaster offers a variety of report types and the ability to report on an exhaustive list of metrics from these different objects. Select from common-speak intervals, such as yesterday, last month or this year. And, choose various methods of grouping, sorting and tallying.

Metric Comparison

Whether you’re satisfying certification requirements, tracking costs or perusing metrics, Roastmaster provides an extensive set of both static and calculated metrics for comparison in all of the different report types.

Bar Graphs?

Yup, Roastmaster has those too! Bar heights represent the primary metrics, while bar opacity represents the secondary metric.

No Software is an Island Unto Itself

Send your data anywhere you need via AirDrop, email, Dropbox, iCloud or any other iOS means. You can export as tab delimited text, or a graphical format such as PNG or PDF files.