Blend and Re-blend

Concoct and Maintain Your Brand Tastes

Roastmaster’s flexible blending system gives you the freedom to pre-blend or post-blend and even RE-blend, to keep up with changes in supply or cost.

Create, Organize, Roast and Evaluate Endless Blends

Your blends are your signature taste. Whether you’re a specialty roaster, or your family’s roasting aficionado–your taste is important. Roastmaster takes blending very seriously, and provides abundant freedom to create, and competent tools to catalog.

Flexible Blending Yields Better Taste

You can blend not only green beans in Roastmaster, but roasts as well. This provides another layer of detail about exactly what comprises the taste of your blends. As with any item in Roastmaster, the details of the roasts in your blends are only a tap away–helping you keep the blend’s taste spot-on.

Pre-blend or Post-blend

You can roast any combination of green beans or blends in Roastmaster. If you pre-blend, choose a blend and roast the greens together. If you post-blend, roast greens one-by-one and combine them later.

No Math Required

Whether you’re combining beans for roasting or bagging, Roastmaster can quickly do the math for your required weight. Just enter the yield, and see the weight breakdown for each component.

Transmogrify with Freedom

Keeping your brand tastes consistent is an ongoing battle. Either you’re tweaking them in development, or after crops and costs have changed over time. Roastmaster can help. Easily create a snapshot of any blend, and adjust percentages or even add, change or remove components. The snapshot will remain grouped with the original unaltered master, but can be edited and used independently in any roast or cupping evaluation.

Rearrange Snapshots

When a blend snapshot has been tweaked, and you want to elevate it to the status of the de facto standard, just promote it to the master position.  It will become the blend master…up close and personal. The old master will be demoted to a snapshot, and both will retain their original referenced roasts and cuppings.