Profile with Precision

The More the Merrier

Profiles are powerful. Roastmaster makes it easy to build, catalog and organize an extensive library of roast profiles–and put them to use to keep your roasts on track.

Easily Create a Profile from Any Roast

Tap the actions button, and choose “Create Profile from this Roast” to create a new profile based on the details of the current roast. This profile will include everything you need for advanced targeting–curves, events and milestones. And, it can be applied to any future roast to instantly configure the roast, and enable you to easily duplicate the original roast.

Reference Curves Provide the Road Map

When creating a new profile, the reference curves you select will be visible in the roast analyzer of new roasts for precise targeting.

Curve Templates Automatically Prepare New Roasts for Data Collection

When creating a new profile, the data curve templates you choose will automatically configure roasts with new curves for data collection. These new curves will be tailored with the same color, probe setup and auto-trigger events to match the reference curves–making roast setup a one-tap affair, and advanced targeting a breeze!

Stay on Track

When the analyzer targeting mode is set to “Program”, your profile’s reference curves will appear as dotted lines, with your live curves overlaid on top. Temperature labels sit side-by-side for easy visual comparison, while profile milestones give you an idea of expected timing.

Experiment with Abandon

Creating a polished profile is sometimes a multi-step process. You may try multiple variations before you have it just right. Roastmaster can help. Easily create a snapshot of any profile, and paste in new reference curves, or alter node data or events. In fact, Roastmaster does this automatically for you whenever you edit reference curves in the console or analyzer. Snapshots remain grouped with the original unaltered master, but can be edited and used independently in any roast.

Rearrange Snapshots

When a profile snapshot has been tweaked, and you want to elevate it to the status of the de facto standard, just promote it to the master position.  It will become the profile master…up close and personal. The old master will be demoted to a snapshot, and both will retain their original referenced roasts.