Roastmaster Version 9

Introducing Roastmaster for iOS 9

Roastmaster for iOS 9 is available for download from the app store!

You had ideas and we set to work…we had ideas and we kept going! What emerged is a brand new Roastmaster, with a host of new features aimed at streamlining any workflow, but especially geared toward serious specialty coffee roasters and anyone who has a serious passion for nothing but the best possible coffee.

The job of software is to make your life easier. Nobody likes extra work, and the new features in Roastmaster are designed to eliminate as much of that as possible. We want to help free your attention–letting you be more focused on your coffee, not on software details.

With automatic bean lot tracking, curve events, advanced reporting, inline calculators, inventory reminders and a host of other features, this version is geared toward speed, efficiency, and most of all, to unlocking the hidden information of your beans, vendors, roasts, cuppings. Quality is key…and we want to help you achieve it!

The new features and improvements in Roastmaster for iOS 9…

  • Spanish, French, Simplified Chinese and Korean Languages.
  • 64-bit native on compatible devices.
  • Roast and Curve Events: Add time-stamped markers to any roast or curve to signify a point of interest. Or, define a custom temperature trigger in a curve event, and Roastmaster will alert you when it’s been reached, annotating the curve to match.
  • Advanced Reporting Capabilities: View and compare detailed information about virtually any detail of your library, as well as many new calculated metrics. See side-by-side metric comparisons, groupings and tallies, or view this information in interactive line and bar charts with overlaid cupping information.
  • Smarter, Faster and Easier Numerical Data Entry: All of Roastmaster’s numerical data entry screens have been redesigned with better layout, form-based navigation, and custom keyboard and measurement units pickers, allowing for faster and easier data entry.
  • Easier Node Entry: Redesigned curve entry panel with selectable text and custom decimal keyboard make entering node data a breeze.
  • Bean Lot Tracking: Track and audit information about individual beans lots, such as lot number, cost, moisture, density, Q Score, screen size and more. Roastmaster creates bean lots automatically as you received inventory, providing an audit trail for changing attributes.
  • Inventory Warning Threshold for Beans: Roastmaster will alert you when that bean’s stock needs to be replenished.
  • Full Control of Auxiliary Entities: Caffeine, processing, market, size, growing, density and roaster temperature types can be created, deleted and edited at will.
  • Custom Roast Names: Easily distinguish among roasts by entering custom names.
  • Roast Yield Prediction: See what the expected yield is for any roast and roast style, based on recent roasts in your library.
  • Estimated Green Weight from Yields: Use past yield information to predict the required green weight based on recent roasts in your library.
  • Expanded Roast Attributes: Pre and post moisture, density and weight values, along with many calculated metrics via Curve Events, such as turnaround, drying and ramp times.
  • Expanded Cupping Protocols: Choose from a number of different protocols aimed at tracking roast efficiency and/or green attributes, or choose the manual style to enter a quick score.
  • Interactive Cupping Spider Graphs: Edit attribute scores graphically by tapping and dragging on the spider graph itself, or via an enhanced numeric keypad.
  • Cupping Flights: Select multiple roasts to create a batch of cuppings, then perform a flight cupping in-line with spider graphs.
  • Expanded Cupping Attributes: See the brew ratio of your cuppings, and store many new attributes, like water temperature, TDS, grind settings, and extraction time.
  • Manual Roast Sorting: Roastmaster now provides the ability to reorder roasts by dragging, making it easy to define the order in which a day’s roasts should be performed.
  • Default Roaster. Set any roaster as the default and it will be automatically tagged in new roasts.
  • Analyzer Graph Shift: Drag the Y axis downward to quickly pull taller reading curves into view.
  • In-Line Calculator: Access a custom calculator complete with “paper tape” style readout anywhere numeric values are entered. Perform any computation, and apply the results.
  • Create nodes without typing by dragging curve labels in the analyzer.
  • Roastmaster will now prevent iOS from sleeping when in the analyzer or console with a bound data logging probe, allowing you to monitor the roaster as it warms up.
  • Non-metric volume and density measurements now translate correctly between US common units and UK Imperial units, and can be entered in either system.
  • Analyzer composite notes now shows the roasted weight and roaster.
  • Agtron fields now allow decimals
  • Fixes a bug that would result in a crash when adding a bean when the bean sort mode is set to region.

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