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Roastmaster 11 and Phidgets Lib22 Compatibility

Roastmaster version 11 has just been released. If you are a Phidgets user, please read the following compatibility statement before upgrading.

Phidgets Lib22

In the summer of 2017, Phidgets introduced a new driver library called Library 22 (Lib22). This replaced their legacy Library 21 (Lib21) software, and was rewritten from the ground up to provide support for their new VINT products, as well as greatly improve the reliability of wireless connections via a network host.

Unfortunately, Lib22 drivers are not backward-compatible with the Lib21 drivers used by earlier versions of Roastmaster. Roastmaster 11 (October 2017) requires Lib22 to be installed on your network host in order to connect to Phidgets. So, before you upgrade to Roastmaster 11, PLEASE ENSURE that you can devote the time to upgrading your Phidgets host to Lib 22 before roasting.

We scheduled the release of Roastmaster 11 for late in the evening Friday, Oct 20, in order to give Phidgets users time to experiment, and bring their host into compliance with the new drivers before production cycles begin again on Monday.

The upgrade should be quick. SBC and MacOS host users should be up and running in a matter of a few minutes. Windows host users may have to allow additional time to configure a Firewall exception rule in Windows firewall.

Please see detailed instructions in Upgrading to Phidgets Lib22 from Lib21.

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